Server/Cook Training

On the appropriate day of cook or server training, walk yourself through the reading assignments for that day. When you encounter a Certification of Training link, click it to sign off and return here.


Cook Training

Server Training


(1) Read  Cook Training

(2) Read then practice Egg flipping

(3) Read each item on Cook Shift Duties Checklist

(1) Read  10-Steps of Customer Service

(2) Read  Server Training

(3) Read each item on Server Shift Duties Checklist


(1) Practice Egg flipping today.

(2) Check out each of the these Image at the top of the Cook Shift Duties Checklist

(2) Read SCR (Shift Cash Reconciliation Form)

(2) Read Orders and Money Security Procedures

(3) Read  Tips Handling


(1) Practice Egg flipping today.

(2) Read  Food Safety Training

(1) Read  Customer Disturbance Handling

(2) Read  Handling the Homeless

(3) Read  Working Alone


(1) Practice Egg flipping today.

(2) Read about  Prep Work

(3) Read  Dishes

(3) Read  End of Shift

(1) Read  No Refusing Service

(2) Read  Working the Bar Rush (3rd Shift)

(3) Read  Personal Safety & Emergency Procedures

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