A guide to working alone.


Close some tables, so people are seated in a manageable area.

Communication is key so you can handle multiple customers and orders. Continually inform customers where you're at. Examples:

Write dine-in orders just like normal and enter them through the POS system before preparing them just like if there are two workers.

Get payment up front, explain "I'm on duty alone right now, my coworker stepped away for a moment, so  would you mind if I go ahead and collect now?"


  1. Always be aware of your surroundings
  2. Use down time wisely
  3. Keep cell phone on you
  4. If customer makes you feel uncomfortable pretend coworker is in the back
  5. If multiple customers come in at once, get orders first, apologize in advance for any inconvenience and make order
  6. Don't be in break room stay up front.

Meal Break and Employee Meal

For your break, it's unrealistic to take a full 30-minute break, so during the break window, order your meal on the POS system first, then make the food, then you may sit at a stool close to the action. Under no circumstances can you take the food home with you at the end of the shift.

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