Prep Work


Intake Report

The Prep Work Intake Report tells you what items have arrived and which shift is responsible for what. Each Monday as new items arrive, a new Prep work Intake Report is posted Refer to it to see what needs to be done, and also fill it out as you complete items. Here is a example.

Image of Prepwork Intake Report

Instructions Sheet

See a listing of every prep item,  how it's delivered, how many prep units each yields, the final storage unit after prepping is complete, how to prep each item, and about how long each is expected to take if you can work uninterrupted. Click here

French Fry Bagging Instructions

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Get the bagging pan
  3. Put one big bag of fries in the pan
  4. Scoop fries filling small bags setting those small bags in the bagging pan aligning them nicely along the side of the bagging pan
  5. Weigh bags to 5 oz each, adjust bags by taking a few fries out or putting a few fries in to get 5 oz each;
  6. When all 15 bags are equal, place them neatly into a Cambro half-pan
  7. Do another big bag. Two big bags equals one Cambro half-pan. One case of fries has six big bags or makes three Cambro half-pans.
  8. Fill out and put a prep label on the pan.

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