The Successful Bar Rush - 3rd Shift

The definition of a successful bar rush is: "no service problems or delays in food preparation and no customer hassles".

Working the bar rush successfully takes a skill set that you can learn. Work the following way and the rush will likely go smoothly with less tress and good tips.

  1. Be Ready:  Before the bar rush don't spend time standing around or being on your phone. Get ready by checking all the setups on the tables; stocking the paper goods and other things you need; be sure you have two full bins of silverware wrapped; dishes are washed and put away.

  2. Be Friendly and SmileGreet people the moment the door opens. "Hi, I'll be right there" makes a big difference. SMILE. You'll be amazed at what smiling even at people that have been drinking can do to help things go more smoothly.

  3. Be Proactive:  You're in charge out there, act like it. Be quick with service, help people to decide, telling them you're very busy and will return if they're not ready to order.

  4. Work the "System":  Don't abandon your skills during the rush. Use the 10-Steps to Customer Service.

  5. Collect In Advance All the Time:  Collect in advance for every table, every night, for every customer, all-the-time, no exceptions, even to regulars.

  6. Communicate with Customers:  Example, while your standing waiting for payment for one group, you notice new people come in or others needing service, acknowledge the other people saying "I'll be right with you as soon as I collect here".

  7. Don't Hold Back Tickets:  When taking orders, take one and put it into the system right away, then move to the next table. Never take orders from more than one table before going to the POS. It creates a bottle neck in the kitchen.

  8. Table Touch:  Be aware of who's new, who's waiting for food, who's eating, etc. As you see that food is taking quite a while, stop back and offer beverage refills and say I'll check on your order.

  9. Don't ask the Kitchen How So and So Order is Going:  It confuses the cook. Instead, step in and help on the eggs side of the kitchen and you'll readily see where the various tickets are at.

  10. Clear Tables Right Away:  A big goal is to turn tables to get people in and out as fast as possible. So pre-clear dishes as soon as people are done eating which encourages them to leave and it makes the place look much less chaotic.


So what did you get out of this guide? I suggest you go back and read it a second time right now. You'll probably get a point or two that you didn't get the first time.

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