We Don't Refuse Service!

Imagine going to a restaurant and they tell you something like this:

  1. "It's change of shift, you'll need to wait until the next shift starts."
  2. We're cleaning the grill, we can't take your order right now.We're not taking orders until the next shift gets in.
  3. "Were not taking dine-in orders right now."
  4. "Were not taking carryout orders right now."
  5. "We're not taking call-in orders right now."
  6. You call the place and no one answers the phone.

None of these things are ever to be said to any customer at any time.

There is no such thing as "change of shift" to our customers. They don't care about our change of shift. They only care about getting their food.

We don't wait until the next shift comes in and cashier's in to take an order. You can take orders whether someone is cashiered in or not. If you have cashiered out, and the next cashier isn't there yet, just cashier right back in if you need to.

We clean the grill one side at a time if needed, or we do it quickly between orders without telling anyone

Why would we not take dine-in orders, unless we are so short-staffed, in which case we can close some tables using available closed table signs, but we don't just blanketly not take dine-in orders.

Why would we not take carryout orders? This makes no sense.

We always take call-in orders unless its in the middle of bar time on the weekend and the place is packed and you just can't get to it. But make every effort!

When the phone rings, excuse yourself if you're busy with a customer, say "I need to answer the phone, I'll be right back."

Business can be ruined by doing those things described above. Would you go back to a restaurant that did that to you?

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