Refusing Service, Slowing Service, or Turning Away Customers

No one is permitted to engage in behavior that reduces sales! Doing any of the following is bad business, and it may subject you to discharge if you engage in it.

Imagine going to or calling a restaurant and being told things like:

  1. "We're busy, it's going to be a (xx minutes wait).
  2. "It's change of shift, we're not taking orders".
  3. "We cashiered out and need to wait until the next shift to take your order."
  4. "We're not taking orders until the next shift gets in."
  5. "Were not taking dine-in orders right now."
  6. "Were not taking carryout orders right now."
  7. "We're not taking call-in orders right now."
  8. "They're cleaning the grill, it's going to be xx minutes wait."

No, No, No.

Customers don't care about this stuff, they just want to be waited on! No matter if we're extra busy, or short staffed, don't tell customers it's going to be a wait! Just ask if they want something to drink, go get it, and take their order, then help get the food out!

Same if the cook is cleaning the grill,  just take the orders! Don't tell the customer the grill is being cleaned.

Another thing to know is that no one has to be cashiered in to take orders. If someone is cashing out,  take new orders at the handheld device!

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