Trainer Information

What If

Mandatory Training Requirements

  1. All training days are required no matter the prior experience of the trainee.
  2. Five (5) Cook training days are required. An optional sixth day may be needed.
  3. Four (4) Server training days are required.
  4. Cook training should come first.
  5. The same trainer must do all the days of training in the particular area.
  6. All reading and quizzes associated with the training program must be completed before the trainee is taken off training.

Training Bonus

As an incentive to do an excellent job of training, we pay a bonus of $200 total ($120 for Cook training and $80 for Server training). The criteria for receiving the bonus is as follows:

  1. The same trainer must complete all training days in the particular area.
  2. The trainee must complete all of the reading and and any quizzes.
  3. The trainer must complete the daily evaluation each day of training.
  4. The trainee must continue to be employed for 45 days, at which time the bonus will be paid shortly thereafter.

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