Employee Handbook


Purpose of Handbook

The employee handbook offers instructions on how to act and perform at work. The handbook may be updated or revised at any moment by the company. Any new or updated policies will take precedence over any previous ones as soon as they are released.

At-Will Employment

Nothing in this handbook is meant to be a contract of employment. You or the company may decide to end your employment at any time, with or without a reason and with or without warning. No employee of the business has the power to sign any contract for work for a set amount of time or to make any agreements to the contrary. Just as a company has the right to dismiss you, you have the option to resign your employment at any time.


We value all employees and job candidates as unique individuals, and we welcome the variety of experiences they bring to our company. As such, we have a strict non-discrimination policy. We believe everyone should be treated equally regardless of race, sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, national origin, native language, religion, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other characteristic protected by law. If you feel that you have been discriminated against, please let your manager or the president of the company, Tom Aldridge know as soon as possible. Every complaint will be appropriately investigated.

Equal Opportunities

Employment opportunities are open to all qualified applicants solely on the basis of their experience, aptitude and abilities. Qualified applicants are considered for all positions and for advancement without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or any other basis protected by State or Federal law. Employment decisions are based on such factors as an individual's experience, achievement, performance, ability and attitude. Our Equal Opportunities policy covers all employment practices, including selection, job assignment, training, compensation, access to benefits, discipline, and termination.

Reasonable Accommodations

We will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with known disabilities where such adversely affects the employee's ability to perform the essential functions of the job, or if the employee has a religious belief that affects the employee's job, unless making the reasonable accommodation would result in an undue hardship to the company. Any employee who feels they need an accommodation should contact management. We will examine each situation on a case-by-case basis.


We have a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment or discrimination, racial harassment or discrimination, or any other form of harassment and discrimination (religious, language, sexual orientation, et cetera). Sexual harassment includes unwanted sexual or romantic overtures, inappropriate sexual jokes, or comments regarding sexual activities. Employees should never access pornography on company-owned equipment, even off company property. Using your personal device to access pornography while working or in the company of other employees is also forbidden.

About Us

Aldridge, Inc.

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As a George Webb franchisee, we operate the following George Webb restaurants.

Our corporate staff is:

Workplace Policies

Each employee has an obligation to follow these standards of conduct at all times.

Aldridge, Inc.

#1 Communications with Manager

Image of Web PageOur Web Site

Right now, let's save to your phone desktop, a shortcut to our web site. Open your browser and load www.aldridgeinc.com. To save a shortcut to it to your desktop (for android) click the "3-dots" menu in the upper right corner and choose "Add to Home Screen"; (for iPhone) hit the share icon (that's the box with up arrow), scroll up until you find "Add to Home Screen", click on "Add to Home Screen" and follow the prompts to save a quick link to web browser.

Image of Phone ContactPhone Contacts Entry

Next, let's create a phone contact entry entitled "George Webb". Add the following phone numbers to it.

(For Labels, choose "custom" and type these names):

  1. Manager (phone)
  2. Restaurant (phone)
  3. Corporate (414) 271-5050

Do Not Disturb Time

At night, managers set their text notifications to silent. So, if you need to communicate at night, call, as those are not silenced.

Image of Mail SlotMail Slot

Each person has one to receive written communications. Check it regularly.

Contact Form

If you have questions or concerns, talk to your manager. If you're not satisfied with that conversation, submit a contact form at www.aldridgeinc.com.

Aldridge, Inc.

#2 Where to Park

Aldridge, Inc.

#3 Schedules

Image of Schedule PageWe post schedules to www.aldridgeinc.com. You'll receive a text as the new schedule is posted.

Your off-days will vary. We cannot offer fixed schedules. We do try to group two days together. If you need a specific day off, request it online at www.aldridgeinc.com.

We typically offer full-time, eight-hour shifts. We have a few short shifts like 8 am-2 pm on 1st shift. However we don't exclusively offer short shifts.

We sometimes schedule a sixth day due to an absence, vacation, or help shortage. If this results in you working more than 40 hours, we pay time-and-one-half overtime.

Aldridge, Inc.

#4  Arrival and Clock-in

So the prior shift can focus on last minute details while you take over, please arrive by ten minutes before shift and go ahead and clock in at which time you'll start getting paid. If you're an early-bird, wait until 10 minutes to the hour to clock-in. Clock in is on the POS system using your POS number.

Aldridge, Inc.

#5  Attendance Policy

We expect regular attendance without absences and tardies, and a timely call in the event either occurs.


For an absence, report by not less than two hours before shift. The earlier the better. We also expect a seemingly plausible explanation including documentation if requested.


For a tardy, call or text with an estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Record Keeping Point System

We track every occurrence regardless of circumstances and apply points to each as follows:


Warnings are issued at 3 points, 6 points, 9 points, and 12 points. Discharge may result after 12 points.

Get Points Back

A month of perfect attendance expunges two points from your record until back to zero.

No Show/No Call

Cause for discharge, prior warnings or not. If there are circumstances that made it impossible, provide evidence to consider.

Aldridge, Inc.

#6  Uniforms and Shoes

Image of Uniform

The Uniform Consists of

  1. George Webb red polo shirt
  2. George Webb black apron
  3. George Webb black visor or optional GW baseball hat
  4. Black slacks or black jeans. No blue jeans, ripped jeans, sweats or sports pants
  5. Name tag.

No Street Clothes

No outerwear such as a jacket, sweatshirt, or hoodie is to be worn over your uniform top.

Image of Cold Weather Wear If you're cold, wear a short or long sleeve t-shirt under your uniform top. Or, purchase from us a long-sleeve t-shirt in white or black, or a George Webb logo hoodie or George Webb logo zippered jacket.

No Backwards HatsImage of No Backwards Hats

First Uniform

Upon hire we'll issue your first uniform consisting of one apron, one shirt, and one visor, value $37.00, or optional $40.00 with baseball cap, which will be deducted from your paycheck at the rate of $1.00 per hour. In the event your employment ends prior to the entire cost being deducted, return the uniform to the restaurant manager within 24 hours after your last day of work or the prorated cost will be withheld from final pay.

Additional Uniforms

Image of Uniform OrderAfter training you'll want more uniform items so you don't have to do laundry so often. Additional items are at your expense but the cost is reasonable and keep in ind that you're not soiling your own clothes. A variety of items are available and payment is via paycheck deductions at $1.00 per hour.

Uniform Allowance

To help cover part the cost of additional items, we subsidize the cost with a uniform allowance of $0.10 per hour worked. Everyone has a uniform account that reflect that, see the manager.

Aldridge, Inc.


Image of Shoes Mandatory

Get the shoes you need before starting. Google for black slip resistant shoe choices click here. Or check Walmart, Kohl's, Target, or Amazon. Later, we offer shoes for purchase here.

Aldridge, Inc.

#7  Personal Appearance

Hair for females, if long it must be pulled back and under control. No bonnets. If tinted, it should be a natural color.

Hair for males must have hair trimmed or cut to the collar. No do-rags. Facial hair properly shaved, or if beard neatly trimmed. We do not permit beard nets.

Image of Finger NailsFingernails per State food code restaurant workers cannot have polish or artificial nails. For a special occasion, go ahead, but not all the time please.

Avoid odor by wearing a freshly washed uniform, regular bathing, and the use of deodorant.

Tattoos are at the discretion of management on a case-by-case basis and may need to be covered.

Facial and tongue piercings must be removed.

Jewelry to be limited:  For females, earrings up to 1" in length/diameter no more than two per ear. One tiny nose stud is acceptable for females. No other facial jewelry. For males, no earnings or facial jewelry. For both, one ring; and any necklace or neck chains tucked under shirt; no chains on pant loops; no pins or other accessories.

Pant legs must be hemmed and not drag on the floor. For males, pants must be pulled up around the waist and a belt worn.

No gum chewing on duty.

Aldridge, Inc.

Image of Shift Duties#8  Shift Expectations

Required of you:

Aldridge, Inc.

#9  Breaks and Employee Meal

Image of No Phone Sign a)  Cell Phone Use

Using your phone is a form of break, so limit it's use.

Keep phone in your pocket, not perched on a counter. Walk off-floor to use it and wash your hands afterwards.

Image of Ear Buds No YouTubes, TV, or listening to music. No ear buds or head phones.

b)  Smoking

Image of Smoker StationSmoke breaks are only during the 30-minute meal break, and in the designated area outside as follows.

Image Restroom Signc)  Bathroom Breaks

Wait until no immediate demand for customer service and inform coworkers to cover for you.

Image Beverage Breakd)  Beverage Breaks

Free fountain soda or coffee during the shift. Juice, lemonade, hot tea, hot chocolate, and Sprecher root beer are not free.

Beverage cups/glasses must stay in the break room, not on counters in view of customers, and not in the kitchen.

e)  Meal Break and Meal Discount

A 30-minute meal break is required on every 8-hour shift. Clock out for break, and back in after. Leave the premises if you like but most people remain, in which case remain in the break area, not in customer seating.

One discounted (50% off) meal per workday to be had during the meal-break. It includes one entree or sandwich, a side, and a dessert if desired.

Procedures for Discount Meal

  1. Place order on the POS system before making or eating your food.
  2. Make your own food if you're the cook or allow the cook to make it if you're the server.
  3. When the food is ready, clock out for break.
  4. Have your meal in the break area, not in customer seating.
  5. Clock back in after 30 minutes.

Required to use washable dishes not carryout packaging for employee meals.

Aldridge, Inc.

#10  Food/Beverage for Take Home


The free beverages and the employee meal discount is for during work, not after.

If you want food or beverages after work it's FULL PRICE. You cannot ring your own order or prepare or package your own. Go to the customer side of the cashier station and place your order with an on-duty employee.

Aldridge, Inc.

Extra Time Worked Report #11  Extra Time Worked Report (ETWR)

Extra time worked must be approved.

Sometimes we're too busy for the mandatory meal break, in which case, we fill out an Extra Time Worked Report (ETWR) to explain the reason and claim the time. If you don't fill it out, your time will be reduced by the mandatory 30-minute break time. Same with remaining clocked in more than 10 minutes past end of shift.

Aldridge, Inc.

#12  Visitors

To avoid distractions, we prefer no visitors at the workplace. However, if one pops in, we won't likely say anything if it's occasional and the person conducts themselves like a well-behaved customer including proper payment.

Aldridge, Inc.

#13  Workplace Integrity

CameraVideo Surveillance

There are numerous cameras and a microphone for safety and security reasons.

Acts of Theft

Any acts of theft will be cause for discharge and a police report. Some examples are:

Sales Sabotage

Any acts of turning away or discouraging business will be cause for discharge.

Aldridge, Inc.

#14  Your Relations with Customers and Coworkers

Your Behavior Towards Customers

  1. As soon as the door opens, look up and smile saying "Hi, I'll be right with you".
  2. Use standard service terms such as:  "How may I help you?"; "Let me fix that"; "Thank you"; "You're welcome".
  3. Never get angry or argue with a customer.
  4. When things go wrong, don't blame others. Just fix it.

Your Behavior Towards Coworkers

  1. It up to you to get along.
  2. Don't gossip, and don't pay attention to it.
  3. Never provoke an argument or escalate one.
  4. Know that no one is perfect.

Aldridge, Inc.

#15  Departure Process

Hand off the place clean and well stocked for the next shift. To accomplish this, plan ahead referring to the server and cook shift duties tablets repeatedly, checking off items as you complete them, and submit the tablet page during the shift.

Everyone remains until all of the work is done, and then everyone leaves together... do not run out the door before others.

Aldridge, Inc.

#16  Tips

We pool tips because of the openness of our operation and the cross-purpose of duties. While tips are the property of the employees, the company has established rules for handling tips.

  1. Every tip goes into the tip pool. Even if a customer says "this is only for you", say "thank you" and deposit it in the pool.
  2. Carry tips in your hand in plain view - not in your pocket.
  3. Tips remain in the pool container throughout the shift.
  4. At end of the shift tips are divided equally by two people (or one by mutual agreement). This also happens mid-shift when anyone comes on or goes off-duty.
  5. The IRS requires that 100% of the tips you receive are reported. Further, it's in your best interest for Social Security benefits, an improved credit rating, and for increased unemployment or worker's compensation benefits.

Discipline Procedures

We may implement disciplinary measures for violating any workplace policy including being "insubordinate" which means to intentionally disrespect the manager's request. Possible discipline is a verbal or written warning, a suspension with warning; or discharge. Depending on severity we may move directly to discharge without a warning.

Your Pay and Benefits

Aldridge, Inc.

Getting Paid

Image of Pay Day ChartPay Periods

Payday is every other Monday. Your first pay day depends on when in the pay cycle you start the job. Click on the chart here to enlarge it and determine when that will be.

Direct Deposit

Image of Direct Deposit We pay by direct deposit to your bank or pay card. If you have no bank or pay card we will issue a free pay card, click here.

Your Check on Pay Day

On pay day, your net check amount will be deposited to your bank or card.

Image of Orbit Login

Pay Stubs/Earnings Information

Browser:  Register at www.aldridgeinc.com/pay. Your username is first name-no space-last name. Your initial password is Pa$$wordsrule22. Upon first log in, you'll set a new password. After registering, you may continue access at www.aldridgeinc.com/pay

Phone App: After registering via browser above, download app HCMTOGO for Android or Apple. Select North America. You'll also need our payroll "short name" which is 7417. To login, enter the username and password you set above.

Prior to your first payday, you'll receive a text with this same information and contact information in case you need assistance.

Locked out? Follow these steps, click here. Still locked out, submit a request click here.

Aldridge, Inc.

Reviews and Raise Policy

Here's a breakdown of the key points in your review and raise process.


We conduct reviews for our employees as their work anniversaries come around. The reviews are scheduled and are not forgotten. At around 45 days, a preliminary review occurs to provide feedback and discuss the possibility of a raise at the three-month mark. If a raise is not granted, there may be a follow-up review three-months later. This allows employees to focus on developing their skills and any areas of concern. The next review milestone is the annual review.


Raises are based on merit. Having good attendance, following rules, and doing your best in all that you do, are the paths to raises. Poor attendance, violating rules, being out of uniform, not communicating as asked, not doing shift duties, will deem you ineligible for a raise. Especially attendance, is an absolutely critical factor in determining raise eligibility. One may argue, "Look at what all I do", or "I've been here longer than others." The crucial distinction is that others consistently maintain good attendance, which we highly prioritize.

Early or Interim Raise

In specific situations, we may provide an early or interim raise to individuals who exhibit outstanding performance or possess substantial, verifiable past job experience.

Aldridge, Inc.


Full time employees become eligible for a one week paid vacation after one year of employment. After three years, the annual vacation is two weeks. Each year, prior to the employment anniversary, you will be notified as to vacation eligibility. You'll have a year in which to schedule and take your vacation. Request it in writing not less than (30) days in advance using a form that is posted in the employee area. The Company reserves the right to approve the scheduling of vacation. Vacation time does not accrue and will expire at the time of the next employment anniversary.

Early or Extra Vacation

Early or extra vacation if granted will be on an unpaid basis, and the number of extra days taken will be added to your employment start date for purposes of annual review and vacation eligibility.

Aldridge, Inc.

Promotions and Advancement

We have promotion opportunities to trainer, assistant manager, and manager. Our trainers earn a bonus. Our assistant managers earn an extra wage. Our managers make a significant wage or salary plus other benefits. Indicate your interest directly to Tom Aldridge at (414) 271-5050 extension 103 or email toma@aldridgeinc.com

Aldridge, Inc.

Leaves of Absence

If you should ever need a leave of absence, the policy and request form is here.

A Few Words about Training

Aldridge, Inc.


We want you to succeed, and so we provide one-on-one training conducted by the manager or a certified trainer. We carefully construct a training plan of 5 cook training days and 3 server training days, designated on the schedule as CTrn1, CTrn2... etc.; and STrn1, STrn2... etc. You'll follow the hours of the trainer assigned to you. We typically begin with cook training.

Each day, you must be on time, in uniform, and take initiative to learn. If you are late, absent, or not meeting expectations, you will be let go without warning or progressive discipline. Your progress is evaluated daily.

Your training wage will be $15.00/hr. You will not share in tips or surcharges. Tips and surcharges begin the day your training is complete.

Press through the training! Don't give up! It takes time to learn and adjust.

In addition to hands-on training, there will be a small amount of daily reading of training materials. See here.

Welcome and good luck.

Aldridge, Inc.

Separation of Employment

Everyone experiences frustration at times, so if you're thinking of quitting, please discuss your concerns with the manager. If that doesn't work out, kindly give two weeks notice so we have time to find a replacement. Giving two weeks notice qualifies you for up to $200 in severance pay (after working for at least six months).

Your final pay will be via direct deposit on the next regular pay day. We ask that you not visit the restaurant for 30 days. Rehire eligibility depends on how you conducted yourself at work and the way in which you quit.

Acknowledgment of Handbook

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