Employee Handbook


Purpose of Handbook

This handbook provides guidelines for employees in their behavior and performance at the workplace. The company has the right to revise or amend the handbook at any time. New or revised policies will become effective immediately when they are issued and will supersede previous policies.

At-Will Employment

Nothing contained in this Handbook is intended to nor does it create a contract of employment. Your employment can be terminated with or without cause and with or without notice at any time at the option of either yourself or the company. No employee of the company has the authority to enter into any agreement for employment for any specified period of time or to make any agreement contrary to the foregoing.

Equal Opportunities

Employment opportunities at George Webb/Aldridge, Inc. are open to all qualified applicants solely on the basis of their experience, aptitude and abilities. Qualified applicants are considered for all positions and for advancement without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or any other basis protected by State or Federal law. Employment decisions are based on such factors as, an individual's experience, achievement, performance, ability and attitude. Our Equal Employment Opportunity policy covers all employment practices, including selection, job assignment, compensation, discipline, termination, and access to benefits and training.

We will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with known disabilities where such adversely affects the employee's ability to perform the essential functions of the job or if the employee has a religious belief that affects the employee's job, unless making the reasonable accommodation would result in an undue hardship to the company. Any employee who feels they need an accommodation should contact management. We will examine each situation on a case-by-case basis.


Employees are forbidden from engaging in any form of harassment against co-workers, guests, or any other person they come into contact with as employees of our company. Harassment can be a form of discrimination when it is based on age, race, national origin, sex/gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or membership in any class protected by federal, state or local law, or is in retaliation to a person claiming harassment or discrimination. This policy forbids sexual harassment, defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when:

  1. Submission to the conduct is an explicit or implicit term or condition of employment; -or-
  2. An individual's submission to or rejection of such conduct becomes the basis for employment decisions affecting that individual; -or-
  3. Such conduct has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with an individual's work performance or creates or contributes to an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.

If you believe you are being harassed, report the conduct to any manager at your location. If you do not feel comfortable speaking to a manager at your location, call the corporate office and speak to the owner. All complaints of harassment will be taken seriously and investigated promptly and as confidentially as possible. In some cases, we may not be able to guarantee complete confidentiality. However, we assure you that retaliation for making a harassment claim will not be tolerated from the accused or any other employee. If, after an investigation, we conclude there has been harassing behavior, that employee will be disciplined appropriately based on the circumstances. Discipline may include termination.

About Us

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George Webb

George Webb opened his first restaurant in 1948 on Milwaukee's East side.

The Two ClocksImage of Two Clocks

Every George Webb has two clocks in the dining room. Why? Because along with great food, George was known for his sense of humor, including the two clocks on the wall in every restaurant. The real story about the two clocks has to do with being open 24 hours. However, a quick answer to people that ask is... "One clock for each eye" .

Baseball PredictionImage of George Webb PredictsImage of Giveaway

George Webb was also known for this baseball prediction ... "George Webb predicts our local baseball team will win 12 straight league games". People speculated for years that if the team wins 12 games straight, George Webb would give away free burgers.

Finally on April 19, 1987, the Milwaukee Brewers won 12 straight and three days later customers lined up at every George Webb while we served up 168,194 free burgers. The prediction continued and 31 years later on October 12, 2018 the Brewers won 12 straight again and on October 18 2018, we served up over 100,000 free burgers.

Aldridge, Inc.

Aldridge, Inc. operates the following four George Webb restaurants.

Image of Tom

Our corporate support staff consists of:

Contacts and Resources

Image of Phone Contact

Cell Phone Contact and Web Page

Create a contact entry in your phone, naming it "George Webb" and add the following entries:

  1. Manager phone number
  2. Restaurant phone number
  3. Corporate office phone number: (414) 271-5050
  4. Web Site: Aldridgeinc.com

Image of Web Page

Also, add to your home screen a link to the Aldridgeinc.com web site so can easily find your schedule, the employee handbook, training resources, pay information, etc.

Questions or Concerns

Speak with your manager anytime you have questions or concerns. If you are not satisfied with that conversation, contact the corporate office at (414) 271-5050 or visit aldridgeinc.com where you can submit a Contact Form.

Shifts and Schedules

We have standard shifts of eight hours as follows:

We have some short shifts in some stores, which are 1st shift: 8 am-2 pm and 3rd shift: 12 midnight-6am. We don't offer anyone all standard or all short shifts.

Overtime:  Anytime you work more than 40 hours, you are paid overtime at time-and-one-half your regular pay rate.

Full Time Status:  Unless you were specifically hired for part time work, we typically hire full-time people who work five days per week. Requests for regular schedules of less than five days per week may result in discharge.

Second Job:  It is our expectation that this will be your only job. If you take a second job and it interferes with this job, you may be let go from this job.


Image of Schedule Page

One or more new schedules are posted at all times at aldridgeinc.com You will receive a text notice from this number (414) 937-5702 whenever a new or revised schedule is posted.

Schedule Rotation:   As we create schedules, we rotate schedules so everyone gets a variety of days off, as well as to maximize the scheduling needs of the business.

Requests Off:  You may make requests for a specific day off at aldridgeinc.com for the occasional appointment or other personal need.

Shift Trades:  If after the schedule is posted you realize you need a certain day off, that becomes a shift trade. If you arrange such a trade, inform the manager who must hear from both parties before it will be approved.

Schedule Demands:  If after taking this job you make scheduling demands such as the same day(s) off every week, you will likely be scheduled less than you might want and/or will be removed from the schedule altogether in time. It's not out of retaliation. It's simply because we have very small staffs and very specific scheduling needs. Even if there had been a period of time that you often had the same day off, there is no guarantee of that always being the case.

Communications (with the Manager)

Phone Calls and Text MessagesImage of Smart Phone

Please answer or reply promptly if the manager calls or texts you when you are off-duty.

Do Not Disturb Time

The manager's text notifications are silent from 10 pm-6 am. So if you need to communicate with the manager during these hours, place a call instead, as that will be heard.

Mail SlotImage of Mailslot

Each person is assigned a mail slot which will contain important written communications from the manager. Check it each time you work.

Workplace Policies

#1  Arrival and Clock-in

The shift transition can be awkward with people coming and going. It's worse if anyone is late. Therefore, we ask you to arrive by ten minutes to the hour. You get paid starting then if you're clocked in and working.

Clock right in and take over customer service and food preparation so the shift going off can focus on last minute details.

If you are an early-bird arriving earlier than 10 minutes to the hour, please wait until 10 to to clock in, unless you are asked to start early.

#2  Attendance

Daycare Resources

Important to attendance may be daycare. For resources, click here.

#3  Uniform

Image of Uniform

A Uniform Is Required Every Time You Work

It consists of:

  1. George Webb red polo shirt

  2. George Webb black apron

  3. George Webb black visor (or optional GW logo baseball hat)

  4. Name tag, to be worn every time you work.

  5. Black casual slacks or black jeans. Not blue jeans, sweats, sports pants, or ripped jeans. Pant legs must be hemmed and not drag on the floor.

Image of No Backwards HatsNot Permitted

Image of Cold Weather WearIf you're cold, wear a white or black long sleeve shirt under your uniform top; or a George Webb red hoodie, or George Webb black zippered jacket

Your First UniformImage of Uniform Issued Form

As a brand new employee, we provide: (2) red polo shirts; (2) aprons; and (1) visor. These items are yours to keep free of charge after you complete your training plus 80 post-training hours.

If you leave the job before completing those 80 post-training hours, return the uniform within 24 hours to the manager or the prorated value will be deducted from your final pay.

Additional UniformsImage of Uniform Order Form

Additional uniforms are at your cost, but you can charge those to your paycheck. Modest deductions are made so you don't have to pay all at once.

Uniform Allowance

As you work, .05 cents per hour accumulates in an account for you. The accumulated amount will be applied to your additional uniform purchases. Check with the manger to how much is in the account.

#4  Shoes

Required are slip resistant shoes in solid black.Image of Shoes-No

For training, if you don't have solid black slip resistant shoes, you can wear sneakers or other slip-resistant shoes that you already have.

After Training, or at any time, you can purchase black shoes directly from us click here.

#5  Personal Appearance

Hair:  Your hair, including a wig or weave, must be under control. For females if it's long, it must be tied back for food safety reasons. For males it must be cut at the collar and/or trimmed up neatly. If hair is colored, it must be a natural shade. Do-rags are not permitted. Facial hair for males must be neatly trimmed.

Image of Finger NailsFingernails:  Must be trimmed and clean, and no nail polish or artificial nails (state food code).

Bathing and Odor:  Bath regularly, use deodorant, a wear a freshly washed uniform.

Tattoos:  Tattoos are at the discretion of management on a case-by-case basis and may need to be covered.

Facial or Tongue Piercings:  Must be removed.

Jewelry:  Must be limited to a watch and one (1) ring; any necklace or neck chains must be tucked under shirt; no earnings for males; earrings for females up to 1 inch in length or diameter and no more than two per ear; no chains on pant loops; no pins or other accessories.

No gum chewing.

#6  Shift ExpectationsImage of Grump

It's expected that:

  1. You get busy right away and stay busy through the shift.
  2. You render fast and professional service to customers without undo delay.
  3. You work to prepare food orders as fast as you can.
  4. You refer to the Shift Duties tablet, do the work it refers to, and check off and submit the page by end of shift.
  5. You work without interruption other than as outlined in the breaks policies.
  6. You continue to take orders right up to the end of the shift.
  7. You leave the workplace stocked and cleaned for the next shift.

#7 (a-f)  Breaks and Interruptions to Work

Work is for work, not for excessive breaks and time wasting.  In a nutshell there are a couple of 5 minute beverage breaks, the infrequent bathroom break, and a meal break.

Image of No Phone Sign #7a  Cell Phone at Work

There is no cell phone use in the work areas. Period. It's a major health department violation. It's disgusting and gross to customers.

Keep your cell phone in your pocket or on the employee break table. Not sitting in the kitchen or on a counter out front.

When you need to use your phone, remove yourself to the back room so you are out of view of customers.

Be sure to wash your hands each time after every use.

Image of Ear BudsEar buds are not permitted. Attention must be paid to customers and other workers, not to music or personal goings-on.

#7b  Smoking and Smoke Breaks

Smoking is not permitted in the workplace. If you are a smoker you can go outside to smoke during the 30-minute meal break, but that is all. There are no other smoke breaks.

If you choose to smoke during the meal break, do it in the designated area outside the building as follows:

Image Restroom Sign#7c  Bathroom Breaks

Bathroom breaks should wait until there is no immediate need for customer service. Frequent or excessively long bathroom breaks are not permitted. Coordinate breaks with coworkers so they know to cover for you.

Image Beverage Break#7d  Beverages and Beverage Breaks

As a job benefit you may have a couple of beverage breaks for up to 5 minutes each where you may consume a free fountain soda or coffee. You may stand or sit for moment to have such break, however if you sit it must be in the employee break area only.

Other requirements:

Image Employee Discount#7e  Meals and Meal Breaks

Required 30-minute Meal Break

A 30-minute unpaid meal break is required per 8-hour shift. The requirement is by the company, not by labor regulation. Even if you don't feel like eating, the 30-minute break is still required. The break is unpaid, so you clock out for break and clock back in after break.

If you Fail to Take the Break:  The 30-minutes will be deducted from your time unless there are circumstances explained and accepted by management as to why you couldn't take the full 30-minute meal break. Prepare an Extra Time Worked Report (ETWR) explaining the reason for consideration. Note: If you were unable to take the break during the break window, try to take it after the break window.

Short Shift and Meal Break:  There is no 30-minute meal break when working a short shift of six hours or less. When on such shift, if you would like to eat you can order a half-price meal during the "breaks window" in coordination with others, taking just enough time up to 15 minutes to eat while staying on the clock.

The Meal Benefit

The meal benefit which is available only during the break, is one meal using the employee discount of 50%. The meal is one dine-in meal consisting of an entree or sandwich including a side or appetizer substituted for the side. A non-free beverage (as described in #10 above) may also be ordered if desired.

Meal Ordering and Break Taking Procedure

  1. Order your meal on the POS before going on break.
  2. If you are the cook, make your own food. If you are the server, allow the cook to make your food.
  3. When the food is ready, clock out.
  4. Have your meal in the employee area only, not in customer seating.
  5. Clock back in after 30 minutes. (There is this handy kitchen timer app for knowing when 30 minutes is up Android or Apple.)

#7f  Time Wasting

Again, work is for work, not for excessive breaks and time wasting. Actions such as below will not be tolerated:

Image of Extra Time Worked Report#8  Extra Time Worked Report

Working Extra Time (Before Shift, Missed Break, or After Shift)

There will be times when you clock in early, didn't get your meal break, or clock out late. Examples:

#1 - The restaurant is extra busy when you arrive so you were asked to start before 10 minutes to.

#2 - The store was extra busy during the break window so you couldn't get your meal break, or your full meal break. You also could not take the break outside of the break window.

#3 - The store was extra busy right to end of shift, or perhaps someone was late, so you worked past 10 minutes after.

In such cases, prepare an Extra Time Worked Report (ETWR). Our intention is to pay you for all extra time worked. However, the extra time will not be approved if an ETWR is not prepared, or in some case if the extra time was deemed unnecessary.

#9  Food/Beverage for Take Home

Order only what you can eat on break as leftovers for take home are not permitted.

There are no take outs of meals using the employee discount. You can order food for take, but at regular menu price. To do so, order it on the POS system, pay for it, and have it prepared by the cook on duty. Do not prepare or package it yourself.

Lastly, there are no free beverages for take home. The free beverages policy ends when the shift is over.

#10  Rides and Visitors

Visitors are not permitted during your shift. Please inform friends or family of this policy.

If you get a ride to/from work, inform your driver to wait in the car.

#11  Workplace Integrity


Theft of any kind will be cause for discharge, and the incident will be reported to the police. Some examples of theft are:

Failure to Perform

Activities such as cashiering out early, leaving the workplace early, not making sure all the work is completed, telling customers we're closed, we're not taking orders, or not taking certain types of orders, that we're out of some products, closing the store early, or any action that curtails sales, will be cause for termination of employment.

AuditsImage of Guest Check Audit

We audit every transaction including all cash and credit card sales, no-sales, cancels, voids, refunds, cashiering in and out, cash handling, making change, tip handling, register shortages, employee meals, and food inventory.

As we find any errors or omissions, we present these to you for discussion or repayment if necessary.

Inspection of Belongings

Management may inspect personal belongings including purses, backpacks, or other closed containers.

Image of Video Surveillance Video Surveillance

There are cameras and a microphone with video and audio being recorded at all times. We use an outside service to conduct periodic monitoring and surveillance of POS usage, money handling, and compliance with handbook and security procedures.

#12  Relations with Others


Employees will provide customer service to all individuals regardless of disability, age, race, religion, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, national origin, and will not discriminate under any unlawful basis.

Your Behavior Towards Customers

  1. Leave your problems at the door - no one wants your drama.
  2. Look up and greet every customer the moment the door opens. Even when busy with other customers, say... "Hello, I'll be right with you".
  3. Be nice, and kind, to your customers.
  4. Refer to customers as "sir" or "mam", not "honey", "sweetie", "dear", etc.
  5. Use respectful language, examples: How may I help you?; I am sorry; Let me fix that; Thank you; You're welcome.
  6. Never show frustration, attitude, or argue with a customer!
  7. Don't have personal conversations around customers.
  8. Don't ask for or discuss tips.
  9. Don't blame others for things that go wrong. Just make it right.

Your Behavior Towards Coworkers

Getting along is your responsibility! We want happy coworkers that are in a good mood and do everything to get along and nothing to create drama, including:

  1. Be nice, and kind, to your coworkers.
  2. Don't be rude or indecent to others, or use foul or abusive language.
  3. Never provoke an argument or escalate one.
  4. Don't gossip, and don't pay attention to gossip.
  5. Overlook what you perceive as the shortcomings of others, no one is perfect.

#13  Non-Escalation Policy

A positive outcome in any interaction is our goal. If an unhappy customer or coworker has an attitude or  gets loud,  you must remain calm and professional. Never react in a way that might escalate a situation. Do not argue back, rant or rave, speak loudly, and never engage physically.

#14  Clock Out and Departure Process

When it's time to go home, we need things handed off properly, which means to inform the new workers as to the status of all current customers; all shift duty items must be completed and checked off on the duties tablet; and then everyone leaves together -- no one should clock out and leave before others.

#15  Tips and Tip Reporting

Tips are the property of the employees who earn the tips. However the company has established rules for the handling of tips as follows.

Tip Pool:  We pool tips because of the openness of our operation and the cross-training and cross-service where servers and cooks alike work as a team to take orders, prepare food, collect payment, complete shift duties, and do dishes.

Collecting/Storing Tips:  1) Every tip must go into the tip pool immediately upon collection. 2) If a customer says "this tip is only for you", say "thank you" and after the customer is not looking, deposit the tip in the pool. 3) Tips must be carried in your hand in plain open view - never in your pocket.  4) The tip are to remain in the container throughout the shift.

Splitting Tips:  The tip pool container is emptied and tips split among the workers at end of the shift when everyone agrees it's time to split the tips. At least two individuals will do the splitting (or by one person with mutual agreement). The tip pool is also emptied and a new one started whenever someone comes on duty or goes off duty mid-shift.

Suspicious Activity:  Do not partake in suspicious activity regarding tips. Specifically: 1) Stay out of the tip container other than to deposit tips; 2) if you want to make change from the tip container, do it only via agreement of the others on each such occasion, holding the bill in the air, announcing your intentions, and asking if it is OK. If it's not OK, don't do it; 3) don't hint around or discuss tips in front of customers; 4) at end of shift, don't hang around just to get the last tips from customers you just waited on, those are the tips of the next shift when the customer pays later.

Trainees and Tips:  Trainees do not share in the tip pool until they are officially off training. Trainees may, per the agreement of the trainer and others on duty, collect tips from tables and remove credit card tips from the register for depositing into the tip pool. However, if the trainer or others do not want that, then the trainee should leave the tips on the table or in the register, allowing the trainer to handle those.

Tip Reporting:  100% of the tips you receive, down to the penny, must be reported daily on the POS system. Downplaying your tips is a violation of IRS regulations. Reporting all of your tips is to your advantage as it likely means a better credit rating, greater unemployment insurance or worker's compensation should you ever need those, and a larger Social Security check when you retire. Aldridge, Inc. is a T.R.A.C. participant. T.R.A.C. stands for Tip Rate Alternative Commitment. It provides employer protections from employer-only audits and assessments of taxes on tips which means that employees will be held responsible for the under-reporting of tips, not the company. Click here to read more about TRAC if you like.

Discipline Procedures

We may implement one or more discipline procedures as follows:  A written "Feedback", which is merely an informational reminder; a Written Warning; a Suspension with Warning; or Discharge. These procedures may or may not be issued progressively, meaning that depending on the severity of the issue, we may move directly to discharge without a warning other than the issuance of this handbook.


As discussed in the application and interview process, the overall hourly compensation for Server/Cooks, which is the primary target of this handbook, is comprised of an hourly wage, plus cash tips which you will take home each day, plus "surcharges" which are service fees added to customer's carryout orders. Your hiring manager should have explained to you what the training wage will be, as well the after training wage. It's important that you understand that you will make tips and surcharges over and above the hourly wage. Here is a chart of actual employee's earnings over the last 13 weeks. The chart is updated daily. Click here.

Your Pay

Image of Pay Day ChartPay Periods, Pay Days, First Paycheck

Pay periods are two weeks, and pay day is every other Monday. Your first paycheck will depend on when in the pay period you started. Click or touch the chart here to enlarge it and see when your first pay day will be.

Direct Deposit

We pay by direct deposit only, either to your local bank* orImage of Direct Deposit to our "Rapid! Pay Card".

*Local bank means an actual brick and mortar bank in our local community, not a virtual bank.

Rapid Pay Card

Activate Your Card:  Call Customer Support (877) 380-0980, or click to activate your card here.

Using Your Card:  Get cash without fees from an affiliated ATM, click here, or use your card at any merchant that accepts Visa or Mastercard.

App:  Install the Rapid Access app from the Android or Apple store.

Personalize Your Card:  Request a personalized card with your name on it at no additional cost. Call Customer Support (877) 380-0980.

Lost Your Card:  See manager for a new card, then call the number on the back to have your funds switched to the replacement card.

Card Support:  Call (877) 380-0980 or click here

Earnings Information

Your paycheck information including earnings, deductions, taxes, and net pay, is available online as follows:

Web PageImage of Orbit Login

Register your account: Your username consists of your first and last name, no space, for example, johnsmith. Your initial password is the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. Upon first log in, you will be required to set a new password. Click here to register or to use after registration.

Phone App Image of HCMToGo App Logo

After registering on the web page above, you can access your paycheck information there, or via phone app. Install HCMTOGO for Android or Apple.You'll need your username, the new password you set, and our payroll "short name" which is 7417.

Forgot Your Password: Reset it from the web page above, then click "Forgot your password?"

Locked Out of Web Page or Phone App

Submit a request by clicking here.

Have Payroll Questions or Need Pay Stubs?

Submit a request by clicking here, or call the corporate office at (414) 271-5050, extension 101.

Important Pay Definitions

There are a number of pay definitions that you may encounter including: Tip Pool, Base Rate, Cash Wage, Tip Credit, Regular Rate, Overtime Rate, and Blended Rate. To learn about these, click here.


Reviews & Raises

The manager will prepare a formal performance review periodically. We pay a generous starting wage, and as such your first raise will be considered based on a review at six months of employment.

Advancement Opportunities

We encourage you to take advantage of opportunities for assistant manager or manager. Indicate your interest by calling Tom Aldridge directly at (414) 271-5050.

Vacation Policy

Full time server/cooks (those that work on average at least 30 hours per week), after one year of employment, become eligible for a one week vacation with pay. After three years, the vacation is increased to two weeks.

For the complete vacation policy click here

Webb Bucks

Image of Webb Buck In appreciation of extra efforts, we occasionally issue Webb Bucks which may be redeemed for employee meals or uniforms. We also issue $20 in Webb Bucks for birthdays, and $20 in Webb Bucks for employment anniversaries.

Group Benefits

The company offers:

Leaves of Absence

Various mandated and voluntary leaves policies are available, including a form to request a leave, click here.

Separation of Employment

Employees are free to resign for any reason, with or without notice, just as the company is free to terminate your employment. However, before giving notice, consider that everyone gets frustrated and feels like quitting at times, but acting on that impulse will only hurt you in the long run. So please discuss your issues with the manager first. If all else fails, we ask for a two week notice which is for you to find a backup plan and for us to find a replacement.

If you have been employed for at least six months and give a two (2) week notice, you can receive up to $200 severance pay (prorated to 40 hours and contingent on attendance and work performance during the notice period).

Rehire eligibility will depend on how you conducted yourself at work and the way in which you quit.

If you are discharged, you will be informed of that.

Final Pay

No matter the circumstances surrounding your separation of employment, your final pay will be provided via direct deposit on the next regularly scheduled pay day. See pay schedule here.

Post Employment Letter

If you would like a post employment letter, request that here.

Acknowledgment of Handbook

Read and Sign click here

Training Commitments

Read and Sign click here

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