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Required are slip resistant shoes in black.

  • No crocs
  • No white sneakers with those logos or colors other than black
  • No slides, sandals or open-toe shoes

For training, if you don't have all black slip resistant shoes, go ahead and wear sneakers or other slip-resistant shoes that you already have.

After training, if you need shoes, visit an affordable local source like Walmart or Target or order from us using the form below.

Shoe Order

Current Shoe Styles


  • Shoes Shoes for Crews Women's Liberty Slip Resistant Food Service Work Sneaker $44.98

  • Men's

  • ShoesShoes for Crews Men's Freestyle II Non Slip Food Service Work Shoes $44.98

  • We'll contact you before placing the order to double check size and price including shipping and tax, if any.

    By submitting this form you are authorizing paycheck deductions of up to $15.00 per week until the total purchase has been repaid. The remaining amount owed, if any, should employment end, will be deducted from final wages.