Cook Shift Duties Checklist

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2nd Shift

Filter both Fryers
Filter everyday except the one that gets changed on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Change one Fryer

On Tuesday the one next to the griddle; on Friday the one away from griddle.
Chili Meat Thawing?
Make sure there is a chili meat thawing in the back refrigerator.
Steaks Thawing?
Make sure there are two pans of steaks thawing in back refrigerator
Prep Work
Starting Monday, when prep work items are delivered, refer to the "Prep Work Intake Report" on the bulletin board. Work each day at prep work until it's all done leaving none for the weekend. For "Prep Work Item Instructions", click here.
Start Early- work at it throughout shift
Meal Breaks
Start first break right at the beginning of the window (3-5 pm). Breaks are mandatory. $$ Order your food on the POS before preparing it $$. Tables must be set and dishes caught up before each break.
3-5 pm

Click to see required stock levels. Or to leave feedback to the manager when someone under-stocks for you click here.
Early and as necessary
Cold Side Kitchen Clean
Wipe down (inside and outside of):
1) Hand sink
2) Omelet refrigerator
3) Kitchen Refrigerator
4) Kitchen Freezer
5) Prep table
6) Microwave
During shift cleanup
Hot Side Kitchen Clean

Warning Image We don't close the grill to clean it.  It will kill off business during that time everyday if you do.  Quickly clean it between orders and get it back into operation.

1) Toaster, and table it sits on.
2) Egg stove and stove tray
3) Grill - according to procedure
click here
4) Empty grease tray under grill
5) Bacon presses, utensils, and area between grill and fryers
6) Soup stove and tableit sits on.
7) Stainless steel wall - wipe with microfiber mop.
During shift cleanup
Red/Green Buckets
Empty and refill every two hours or as needed.
Every two hours
Empty the Garbage & Sweep
Pull bags, tie up, and place in back or take to dumpster. Sweep floors and pick up sweepings.
Before going home
Dishes, Silverware, Buckets, Towels
Servers and Cooks do dishes. Both must make sure: 1) Dishes are washed and put away; 2) "scrap tray" emptied; 3) silverware soak tray emptied and refilled; 4) red & green buckets emptied and refilled; 5) excess towels hung above linen bag to dry for later use.
Before leaving

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