Cook Shift Duties Checklist

The Cook is responsible for checking off each item and submitting by end of shift. If it's not checked and submitted, it's not complete. If there are two cooks, which is really a cook and runner, both should work together to complete the list but the main Cook is responsible for submitting the form.

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Item Time Complete?

Deep Clean
Thursday: 1) Cook Line Shelves and Cabinets - From one end to the other (toaster side to grill), spray and wipe the shelves, under equipment, front of any cabinets. Locate the "long stick", wrap towel around it, and clean under the grill.

Filter the Fryers
Filter everyday except the one that gets changed on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Change One Fryer

On Tuesday change the one next to the griddle; on Friday change the one away from the griddle.
Chili Meat Thawing?
Check if there is a chili base thawing in back
Steaks Thawing?
Make sure to keep a pan of steaks thawing in back refrigerator
Prep Work
Refer the the prepwork intake report

Meal Breaks
Start first break right at the beginning of the "window". Breaks are mandatory. Tables must be set and dishes caught up before each break.
1st: 8-10
2nd: 3-5
3rd: 12-1
Red/Green Buckets
Empty and refill every two hours
Stock the Kitchen
Stock early in the shift, often throughout shift, and final stock for the next shift. Click for stock levels
After break
Cold Side Kitchen Cleaning

Wipe Inside and outside of:
1) Hand sink
2) Omelet refrigerator
3) Refrigerator
4) Freezer
5) Prep table
6) Microwave
After break
Hot Side Kitchen Cleaning

Warning Image We don't close the grill to clean it. "Closing the grill" will kill off business during that time everyday.  Quickly clean it between orders and get it back into operation.

1) Toaster, table or counter it sits on, and shelf underneath
2) Egg stove and egg stove tray
3) Grill - according to procedure
click here
4) Empty grease tray under grill
5) Bacon presses, utensils, and separator between grill and fryers
6) Soup stove and table
7) Stainless steel wall - wipe with microfiber mop.
After break
Sweep debris from kitchen regularly and at end of shift.
Empty the Garbage
Empty the rubbish containers, tie the bag, put new bag in
Before going home
Dishes, Dish Machine, Buckets & Towels
1) Wash and put away all dishes and silverware; 2) pull the "scrap tray" and empty it; 3) empty and refill both buckets; 4) hang excess towels in back above linen bag to dry for reuse later.
 Before going home

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