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There are a number of food items that are delivered to us in bulk that we must portion control for convenient and efficient use.

When Do Prep Items Arrive?

Most prep items arrive each Monday morning. A few items may arrive on Friday as well.

When To Do the Prep?

As soon as the delivery arrives on Monday, each shift must begin working on their items. Each subsequent day, each shift must work diligently to complete the work by Thursday so it's done for the weekend.

Who Does the Prep Work - Server or Cook?

The primary responsible party is the cook. The cook is stationed in the kitchen and can do much of the prepwork between preparing food orders. The cook should initiate the prepwork as as possible after the start of the shift. However the server, can and should help too. For example, there are two french fry bagging pans and two french fry bagging scoops in each restaurant. The server can setup in the kitchen or elsewhere and also do prepwork while keeping an eye on the customer entrance and any seated customers.

Which Shift Does What?

A new Prep Work Intake Report is posted each Monday and Friday. It indicates what prepwork came in and which shift will do what. Refer to it to learn what needs be done. Then indicate on it, what has been completed. An example Prepwork Intake report appears below.

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Prep Work Instructions Sheet

Posted near the Prepwork Intake Report is an instruction sheet which lists all prepwork items including how the items arrive as delivered; the number of prep units the larger, delivered case, has; the prep storage unit; prep instructions, and lastly, the time it takes for each item.

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How to Bag French Fries

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Get the bagging pan
  3. Put one big bag of fries in the pan
  4. Scoop fries filling small bags setting those small bags in the bagging pan aligning them nicely along the side of the bagging pan
  5. Weigh bags to 5 oz each, adjust bags by taking a few fries out or putting a few fries in to get 5 oz each;
  6. When all 15 bags are equal, place them neatly into a Cambro half-pan
  7. Do another big bag. Two big bags equals one Cambro half-pan. One case of fries has six big bags or makes three Cambro half-pans.
  8. Fill out and put a prep label on the pan.

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