Prep Work


Every shift has prepwork to do.  This is food delivered in bulk that we portion control for convenient and efficient use. Examples are Denver Mix cups which 1st shift does, French Fries which 2nd shift does; and Appetizer Baskets which 3rd shift does.

Monday Prepwork Intake Report

Most of the prep items are delivered to us on Monday mornings. So starting on Monday, and continuing on Tuesday and Wednesday, work on completing all prepwork for your shift that appears on this Intake Report.

Image of Prepwork Intake Report

Friday Prepwork Intake Report

Sometimes the manager realizes more product is needed and therefore orders a few additional items for Friday. If this occurs, those few items should be completed immediately on Friday.

Image of Prepwork Intake Report

Both the Cook and the Server Should Participate

The primary responsible party is the cook because the cook is stationed in the kitchen and can do much of it between preparing food orders. However, the Server too, should work at it. So for example, there are two french fry bagging pans and two french fry bagging scoops. The server can setup in the kitchen or elsewhere while keeping an eye on customers.

Prepwork How To Instructions

There is a list of every prep item, how to prep each item, how many units each one yields, the storage unit after prepping, etc. Look for a link under Prep Work on the shift duties tablet, or click the image below or here.

Image of Prepwork Intake Report Image of Prepwork Instructions

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