Walk-In Refrigerator
Chili Meat thawing
1 (more if super busy). Wash out container if bloody
Steaks thawing
2 bins (about 15 steaks each) in the walk-in cooler
Omelet Top Refrigerator
PC cups
Each container holds 12-15 cups each. Do not fill past level full. Rotate new on bottom.
Kitchen Refrigerator & Freezer
American Cheese
4 blocks
1 case
Butter Pans
All pans filled
Corned Beef Hash
1/2 bin or 10 portions
1 case or 12 trays
English Muffins
2 packs
Fish Half bin
French Toast Batter
At least half full
Onions in Can
Both cans full and topped with water
Hamburger Patties
2 boxes (cut tops off of boxes)
Premium Patties
3 packs
4 packs
1 tray
2 full cans topped with juice
Bottles topped off to at least 3/4
Sausage Patties
Bin at least half full
Sausage Links
Bin at least half full
Shrimp Bin at least half full
Sliced Ham
2 packs
Steaks 1 thawed bin (about 15 steaks)
Tenders 1 bin at least half full
1 tray
Wheatcake Batter
1 bowl in use + 1 double-batch bowl
Syrup Warmer
At least 3/4 full
Toaster Area or Prep Table
Bags: #6, #12, Barrel Bags
Nice stack of each
Bread: White & Wheat Bread 1 each in Lowerator plus 3-4 extras nearby
Bread: Rye & Sour Dough Bread
1 of each
Butter Buns
2 packs
Hamburger Buns - Plain
2 racks
Hamburger Buns - Seeded
2 racks
Plastic Silverware
Each container at least half full
Syrup PC's (for carryouts)
At least 3/4 full bin

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