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Server Duties Checklist
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Item When
Tuesday Deep Clean - Soda Machine & Ice Bin
1) Soda Machine Nozzles: twist and remove, soak in bleach water bucket; 2) Drip Tray: pour gallon hot water down drip tray; 3) Ice Bin: scoop the ice back into the large ice bucket, then pour gallon hot water into empty bin, return ice to bin.
First hour
Prepare Soup Heaters & Refresh Chicken Soup & Chili
1) Pull each soup one by one, take heater to sink, pour out water, scrub inside, add fresh water. Return heaters and the soups/chili. 2) Pour chili into a clean pot, wash dirty pot; 3) Check if chili is thick and add a little hot water; 4) Check if chicken soup noodles mushy or broth cloudy, make new, dump old.
First Hour
Door Glass
Spray with glass cleaner and wipe fingerprints with paper towel.
First hour or so
Dessert Fridge
Wipe out and wipe door glass. Discard desserts (7) or more days old. Add new from back freezer. Put date sticker on each. Restock bottled beverages.
First hour or so
Prep Work
Help the cook with prep work. Refer to the "Prep Work Intake Report". See "Prep Work Item Instructions", click here.
Start Early- work between customers
Meal Breaks
Breaks are required. If too busy during break window, try later. When going, have the place in shape for your coworker. Order your food, and when it's ready, go on break.
8-10 am*
*Prime time for breaks.

Click here to see what & how much, or to leave feedback when someone under-stocks.
Early and often as necessary
Red Bucket
Empty and refill at least every two hours and at end of shift
Every two hours
and end of Shift
Beverage Machines
1) Coffee - wipe down including spray head area; 2) Hot Choc - flush and wash drip tray; 3) Soda - remove "heads" and wash, and pour half gallon hot water in drain; 4) OJ - flush machine and wash drip tray; 5) Wipe counter back to wall.
Last Hour or so
Soup Station
Get new Chili and chicken soup going as needed. Wipe down soup heaters and area.
Last hour or so
Table Setups
Visit each table setup with the sugar can, creamer box, jelly box and a sanitized wiping cloth. Refill the sugar jars, the creamer bowls, and the jelly caddies; wipe the ketchup & mustards, the sugar jars, and the salt & peppers; also wipe the menus.
Last hour or so
Empty Garbage & Sweep Floor
Pull, bags, tie up, and place in back or to dumpster. Sweep floors and pick up sweepings.
Before leaving
Top it off.
Before leaving
Dishes, Silverware, Buckets, Towels
1) Dishes washed and put away; 2) "scrap tray" emptied; 3) silverware soak tray refilled fresh; 4) red & green buckets refilled fresh; 5) excess towels hung above linen bag to dry.
Before leaving

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