Server Shift Duties Checklist

Cashier, check off each item as you go and submit by end of shift. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE ALL ITEMS. If it's not submitted, the work is not considered complete. If there are two servers on duty, (cashier and another server), work together to complete the list, but the Cashier is responsible for submitting.

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Refresh All Soups
1) Pour the chili into a clean pot and wash the dirty pot; 2) if the chili or soup-of-day is too thick add a little hot water; 3) make new chicken soup if it has mushy noodles or cloudy broth; 4) if the soup-of-day is sold out, unplug the heater and remove and wash the pot.

Prepare Soup Heaters
Pull each soup one by one and take heater to sink, pour out the water, scrub the inside, add fresh water. Return the heaters and the soups/chili.
Deep Clean - Friday
Exchange Sugar Jars - Locate bin of backup sugar jars which should be equal to the number of table setups, pour sugar from jars into the backup jars, wash dirty jars and lids and put away in the bin in back.
Door Glass
The first thing the customers see are the glass doors. Keep the finger prints removed by spraying with glass cleaner and paper towel. 
Dessert Fridge
Wipe out the the cooler including the door glass, both sides. Discard desserts seven (7) or more days old. List those on the waste report. Add new plated desserts from the back freezer, add a date sticker to each piece. Restock bottled beverages.
Prep Work
Refer to the prepwork intake report on the bulletin board and work with the cook to complete it all. See Prep Work Instructions, click here.
Start Early- work at it throughout shift
Meal Breaks
Start first break right at the beginning of the window (8-10 am). Breaks are mandatory. Tables must be set and dishes caught up before each break.
8-10 am

Red Bucket
Empty and refill every two hours or as needed. (Keep wiping towels stored in the red bucket at all times, not lying around in view of customers.) 
Every two hours
Silverware Wrapped
Wrap early and often during the shift and make sure there are two (2) full bins at end of shift
Early and often
Beverage Machines
Wipe down each machine: 1) Coffee Machine; 2) Hot Choc Machine - flush machine and wash drip tray; 3) Soda Machine - remove and wash "heads" and pour 1/2 gallon hot water in drain; 4) OJ Machine - flush machine and wash drip tray; 5) Wipe counter under and around machines back to wall.
Stock the Front
Stock early and often, and final stock for the next shift. See desired stock levels, click here, or to leave feedback to the manager when someone understocks, click here.
Early and as necessary
Soup Station
Check the chili and chicken soup and get new going as needed. Wipe the soup area. If the soup of the day is sold out, unplug the heater and pull the pot.
During shift cleanup
Table Setups - Filled and Clean
Go around with the sugar can, the creamer box, the jelly box and a sanitized wiping cloth. Refill the sugar jars, the creamer bowls, and the jelly caddies. Wipe the ketchup & mustard, the sugar jar, the salt & peppers, and the menus.
During shift cleanup
Tables Set
Between customers keep tables set with placemats and silverware bundle, table tent in middle.
Always and before going home
Sweep as needed and pick up what you sweep.
During shift cleanup
Empty the garbage. Pull the bags, tie bags and place in back or take to the dumpster.
Before leaving
Ice Bin
Top it off.
Before leaving
Dishes, Buckets, Towels
1) Wash and put away all dishes and silverware; 2) pull the "scrap tray" and empty it; 3) empty and refill the silverware soak tray, empty and refill the red and green buckets; 4) hang excess towels above linen bag to dry for later use.
Before leaving

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