Monday Deep Clean - Orange Juice & Hot Chocolate Machines
1) OJ: Open the door and refer to the instructions inside. It involves flushing the system, removing the nozzles and mixer, washing, and reinstalling. 2) Hot Chocolate: Open the door and refer to the instructions inside. It involves removing the whipper parts, washing, and returning them.; First hour

Tuesday Deep Clean - Soda Machine & Ice Bin
1) Soda Machine Nozzles: twist and remove, soak in bleach water bucket; 2) Drip Tray: pour gallon hot water down drip tray; 3) Ice Bin: scoop the ice back into the large ice bucket, then pour gallon hot water into empty bin, return ice to bin. First hour

Wednesday Deep Clean - Coffee Machine, Pots, & Coffee Cups
1) Coffee Machine: Remove the spray head, wash it, scrub the coffee basket with "greenie"; 2) Coffee Pots: Scrub inside & outside with the "greenie" to remove stains; 3) Coffee Cup Bleaching: Gather cups into a bus pan, soak them in bleach water. First hour

Thursday Deep Clean - Jelly Caddies and Mustards
1) Jelly Caddies: Gather caddies, remove jellies, wash caddies in dish machine, dry and return to tables, refill with jellies; 2) Mustards: Gather all mustards; remove caps, combine mustards, wash caps and put back on. First hour

Friday Deep Clean - Exchange Sugar Jars
Exchange Sugar Jars: Locate bin of backup sugar jars which should equal the number of table setups; pour sugar from jars into the backup jars; wash dirty jars and lids and put away in back. First hour

Saturday Deep Clean - Menu Holders and Menus
Menu Holders: Push condiments aside, wipe menu holders, lay menu flat and wipe both sides. First hour

Sunday Deep Clean - Table Tent Holders
Table Tent Holders: Go around and wipe the outside of each plexiglass table tent holder, ask for replacements for any broken or missing. First hour