Beverage Counter
Fill it full
12 & 20 oz Styros
A couple of sleeves of each is enough.
32 oz Pepsi Cups
About 10 cups and lids
Hot and Cold Beverage Lids
1 sleeve each
Coffee Packs
A dozen regular coffee; a couple of decaf
Coffee Grounds into Filters
Don't make ahead, it gets stale.
Hot Chocolate & Cappuccino Check and if low, grab a bag and fill it.
Soup Station Supplies
8 & 12 oz Soup Cups
Add more to the dispenser
Foam Lids
1 sleeve
Quart Soup Containers & Lids
1 sleeve each
Plastic Spoons
#6 & #12 Bags
Adequate stack
Crackers in little container
Crackers in box Let the big box go empty before getting a new one else will get stale.
Silverware & Napkins
Wrapped Silverware
2 full bins
Keep one pack in each area
Customer Counter Shelves

Jelly Bin A tray or two of each flavor
Ketchup Bottles (on the shelf) 6 bottles
Mustard Bottles (on the shelf) 3 bottles
Sugar Pitcher Top it off
Sugar Twin, Diet Syrup, Honey, Peanut Butter Check levels, fill as needed
Salt & Pepper Packets Fill as needed
Salt & Pepper "Shakers"
5 each
Nice stack
POS Receipt Paper 4 pack
Under-counter Refrigerator
1 bin
Juices: Tomato, Apple, Cranberry
1 bottle in use, plus 1 extra of each
Chocolate Milk
1 in use
White Milk
1 in use plus 1 extra
Whipped Cream 1 in use
Beverage/Dessert Refrigerator
Root Beer 8-10 bottles
Pies & Cakes 2 of ea. Date label 7 days later as you put pieces     out.
Lemon Wedges
8 oz soup cup full
Table Setups
Jelly Caddies, Sugars, Creamers Fill to the top
Salt & Pepper Shakers Replace when empty
Ketchups & Mustards If low, put into kitchen, and put out new
Menus Make sure 2 per setup holder. Let manager know if need more.

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