Egg Flipping

Image of Egg Flipping

We "flip" fried eggs in the pan instead of using a spatula. It takes a little practice but it's easy and fun once you get the hang of it. Kind of like riding a bicycle, once you get it you'll say this is easy and fun!

The Secret

The secret to flipping eggs is: "lower the away edge of the pan downward.... then use the edge to pull the eggs towards you".

How to Learn It

  1. Practice with toast first.  Toast a piece of bread and spend several minutes flipping it in the pan until you can flip the toast from one side to the other without it flying out of the pan.

  2. Practice with one (1) egg.  Melt a teaspoon of butter in the pan over a medium flame. Then gently crack open the egg onto the melting butter. When the egg has firmed up some, lower the "away edge" of the pan so the egg slides downward.... then pull the egg towards you. Continue to practice the egg over and over. When the egg gets too overcooked and rubbery, throw it into the garbage disposal sink and start again with a new egg.

  3. Practice with two (2) eggs.  Put a teaspoon of butter in the pan over a medium flame. Gently crack open the first egg and then the second egg onto the melting butter. Let the eggs firm up and then lower the "away edge" of the pan so the eggs slide downward.... then pull the eggs towards you.

  4. Practice, practice, practice. Go ahead and break some yolks. The only way to learn it is... trial and error.

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