Tips Handling While On Shift


Tips are the property of the employees who earn the tips. However the company has established rules for the collection, storage, and handling of tips as follows:

Tip Pool

The cash tips left by customers and cash tips converted from tips listed on credit card receipts, are pooled together and shared equally by the servers/cooks on duty. This pooling arrangement is because of the openness of our operation, the cross-training we do, and the method of customer service in which servers take orders and help the cook(s) get the food prepared quickly, as well as the cooks coming out and delivering food or collecting sales when needed.

Basic Rules

1) All tips must go into the tip pool container immediately upon collection.

2) Carry the tips in your hand in plain open view - never in pocket.

3) Stay out of the tips! The tips remain in the container throughout the shift.

4) The tips will get split equally as follows:

  • at end of the shift after all of the work is complete;
  • or if everyone agrees to split tips before the end of the shift for some reason like money for meal-breaks;
  • whenever anyone new comes on or anyone goes off duty;
  • two individuals will do the splitting (or by one person with mutual agreement by the others).

More Rules - Don't Do Suspicious Things

  • Again, stay out of the tip container during the shift.
  • If you want to make change from the tip container, example breaking a $10, do it via agreement of the others on each such occasion. Hold the bill in the air, announce your intentions, and ask if it is OK. If it's not OK, don't do it. We have a change-fund safe for that.
  • If a customer says "this tip is only for you", simply say thank you and after the customer is not looking, deposit the tip in the container.

More Rules - Don't Appear Greedy

  • Don't hang around past end of shift to get the tip from someone that you took the order for but hasn't left their tip yet.
  • Don't ask or hint around for tips
  • Don't say things to customers like "for a tip I will give or do such-and-such for you"
  • Don't discuss tips with coworkers in front of customers.

Trainees and Tips

Trainees do not share in tips until they are completely and officially off of training. Trainees may, under watch by the trainer, collect tips from tables and convert credit card tips to cash. However, such tips must be handed to the trainer or be deposited into the tip container immediately.

Certification of Training

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