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#12  Workplace Integrity Standards

Any violations of our workplace integrity standards will be cause for termination of employment without further warning other than the issuance of this notice.


Think twice before you do things that jeopardize your job, and possibly your police record. There are numerous cameras and a microphone. Management makes observations and writes reports. Excuses such as "I thought" or "I was going to", will not excuse violations of our workplace security standards.

Sales Sabotage

Turning away or discouraging business is not permitted. Telling customers such things as "we're cleaning the grill", we're only taking carryouts right now", it's "shift transition",  etc. will not permitted. Take the business as it comes, doing your best to multi-task and muddle through... we don't turn away customers!

Food and Beverages for Employees

It's important to understand that while our food and beverage products are readily available to employees, this availability does not grant free access to these items for personal use, or to be given away. Employees are offered free fountain beverages and coffee while working, and a generous discount for a meal during their meal break. The benefit does not extend beyond that. For further reference, refer to the aforementioned Beverages and Meals for Employees policy.

Merchandise and Revenue Protection Procedures

Any violations of these procedures will be cause for termination of employment without further warning other than the issuance of this notice.

As a Server:

  1. There is no calling of any order into the cook or kitchen, other than minor preparation instructions. You also cannot go into the kitchen and prepare food items without having first placed the order into the POS system. There are no exceptions.

  2. Dine-in orders must be taken on the handheld device. Enter orders before serving anything, including beverages. Start new order, enter the beverage, serve it, then add the food items. Remember the rule: ring it, then bring it.

  3. For add-ons to orders, such as another beverage, a soup, or dessert... first recall the order, add the item, then serve it. Again, it's: "ring it, then bring it."

  4. A receipt automatically prints. Present it to the customer immediately. Do not wait until they have their food or until they're asking to pay.

  5. Collecting: For Dine In Orders: Collect at seat if payment is offered, or at the cashier station as customers approach. Carryout Orders: Collect at time of order before preparing or packaging food. 3rd Shift: During busy periods, collect at time of order. Politely say: "we pre-pay at this time, I'll be right back to collect". Point to the sign if necessary and say "I'm sorry, the policy applies to everyone". This saves the hassle of collecting later when late night customers, especially in groups, can be a bit difficult to deal with.

  6. Phone Orders: Take phone orders without payment up front to roughly $40. If over $40, politely explain the limit and suggest they order online, or to place the order in person. We do not take credit card numbers over the phone.

  7. No Sales: There are few necessary reasons for no sales. Each must be fully explained. Avoid unnecessary no sales by doing the following things while the drawer is open for settling transactions: a) Break down larger bills so the customer has smaller bills to tip with; b) remove cash to drop before closing the drawer; c) take the cash needed for exchanging with the change fund while settling a transaction.

  8. Voids: Any item voided after the order is sent to the kitchen must be explained via Pink void ticket, which includes getting a coworker signature.

  9. Refunds: Politely explain that we fix problems or remake food instead of making refunds. An exception can be made if a customer becomes unruly, in which case contact the manager for permission. Fill out a Pink void/refund ticket.

  10. Short Sales: This is the act of giving a free beverage or other item. This is not permitted at any time. The products are not yours to give. Doing so is theft.

As the Cook

It's crucial that you ensure that only items displayed on the Kitchen Display System (KDS) are prepared and sent out of the kitchen. This includes items for customers. This includes items for employees. Do not prepare anything that's been merely "called into" the kitchen (except minor preparation instructions). Do not prepare, or permit others to prepare, any customer food item, or employee food item, without such items appearing on the KDS. Report it to the manager if anyone violates this.

Don't Look the Other Way

Any behavior from coworkers that goes against our workplace integrity policies poses a threat to the well-being of our entire operation and team. We ask for your cooperation in reporting such incidents. This isn't about creating an environment of 'snitching,' but about ensuring an ethical workplace that benefits us all. If you witness or become aware of any actions that don't align with our integrity standards, we strongly encourage you to report them. Your report will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

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