#10 Beverages and Meals for Employees

It's important to understand that while our food and beverage products are readily available to employees by simple fact of working in our restaurants, this availability does not grant access to these items for personal use, beyond what is stated below, or to be given away, under any circumstances.

Free Beverages

During your beverage break(s), you may have free fountain soda or coffee. (Not free are juice, lemonade, hot tea, hot chocolate/cappuccino, and Sprecher sodas.) Cups and glasses must stay in the break room, not on counters in view of customers, and not in the kitchen.This benefit ends when the shift ends, and it does not include taking a beverage home with you.

Half Price Meal

During your meal break, you may have a half price (50% off) meal. Procedures must be followed.

Meal Procedures:

  1. Place your order before making or eating your food.
  2. Place your order on the POS system before starting your meal break.
  3. Limit your order to one sandwich and side, or entree which includes a side, and a dessert if desired. A not-for-free beverage is OK too if desired.
  4. Make your own food if you're the cook, or allow the cook to make it if you're the server.
  5. Use washable dishes not carryout packaging for your meal.
  6. When your food is ready, clock out for break.
  7. Have your meal in the break area, not in customer seating.
  8. Clear your dishes and clock back in after 30 minutes.

There is no other meal or meal discount outside of the break.

Food and Beverages for Take Home

Food: The half price meal is for your meal-break.  If you didn't take your meal-break, you don't get to take food home. Beverages: Free beverages, even water in a styro cup, end when the shift ends. So no food or beverage home with you without full payment as follows.

  1. Have someone else ring it and make payment to them
  2. They must prepare/package it.
  3. Don't prepare or package your own.