If you have informed us that you have one or more minor children, you'll need dependable child care. While baby sitters have good intentions and make promises, they can suddenly "call-in" on you. Then in turn, you will "call-in" on us.

Qualified Daycare

A qualified daycare is the answer to constant and dependable child care. Perhaps you are aware of the daycare resources available to you, but here are some tips and resources.

Finding a Daycare

  • Daycares are everywhere. Do you have one in mind?
  • If  not, ask others about their daycare
  • If not, click here for a daycare directory
  • Most daycare center open early and go to midnight. Some are 24 hours
  • The daycare will ask what your work hours will be. Because your days off will vary, you can tell them the hours of day you work and show them your schedule or give them this link, click here
  • When you find one that you like, get the daycare provider number. You will need it for Wisconsin Shares.

Day Care Benefits - Wisconsin Shares

If you live in Milwaukee County, call to apply for Wisconsin Shares: 1-888-947-6583.

Or Visit

Milwaukee Early Care Administration (MECA)
1220 W Vliet Street
Milwaukee, WI 53205
Telephone: 1-888-947-6583
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

Or Apply to Wisconsin Shares Online - click here

Papers from Us

If you need a paper from us that shows your work hours and rate of pay. Request that, click here

If you are asked for paystubs, request that, click here

Getting day care arranged shouldn't take more than 2-3 days.