ServSafe Studying and Test Preparation

One cannot show up at the ServSafe class and expect to pass the exam without having read the book and taken the practice quizzes at the end of each section of the book.

Keys to Passing the Exam

1. Read the book cover to cover over a number of days taking a section at a time.

2. At the end of each section, see the “Apply Your Knowledge”, “Chapter Review Case Study”, and  “Study Questions”.

At the bottom of each page with the questions, you will see “For answer, please turn to page x.xx”. Refer to the answer pages to see if your answers are correct.

3. The exam is multiple choice. Take the exam using the following strategy: A) Read the question, then read each answer. B) Make a small mark next to the answer you think might be the correct one. C) Read the answers again, eliminating the ones you think can’t be correct. D) Mark your final choice.

Certification of Completion

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