Manager Office Access

Having access to the manager office means you have to keep the office secure.

Door Code: You have been given a door code. It is unique to you. Do not give it out to anyone!

Door: Keep the office door locked when you are not at the restaurant.

Having access also means you must keep the office organized as follows:

  • Personal Items: This is a business office and therefore do not keep a bunch of personal items around.
  • Clutter:  De-clutter the desk, shelves, and floor every time you leave the office.
  • Office Floor: The floor should not have items stored on it. Put items away on the shelves or in the cabinet.
  • Surfaces: Counter, computer monitor and keyboard to be sprayed with degreaser and wiped clean of grease and grime.
  • Soup Cups:  Desk to have four (4) soup cups: paper clips, rubber bands, and push pins, binder clips.
  • Pen/Pencil Holder:  Desk to have a wire pen/pencil holder - not a styro cup or plastic beverage cup.
  • Papers:  Do not have a bunch of extra/old papers stashed anywhere.
  • Bulletin Boards:  Keep free of old postings and papers.
  • Uniform Inventory: Do not take uniforms from the cabinet for yourself or others without a"Uniforms Issued" form signed. If you are the assistant vs the manager, you must have the express permission form the manager on each such occasion.
  • Cabinet:Image of Organized CabinetImage of Disorganized Cabinet See photos of Disorganized and Organized Cabinets. Uniforms to be neatly folded and organized on the top shelf. Not left in the bag they came in. Office supplies to be neatly organized in a logical fashion on the shelf. Small wares such as back-up silverware must be organized. Excess dishes or other smallwares to be unpacked and neatly organized.


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