Change Fund Replenishment Instructions

Overview of TaskManager Safe

Replenish the Change Fund daily or more as necessary.


Step 1 - Confirm the Contents of the Change Fund

  1. Open the Change Fund (see Opening Safe Doors below*) and count its contents. Begin with large bills and packs of $20 in singles or fives and work to smaller denominations as follows: loose $100's, $50's, $20's, $20 packs of 5's, $20 packs of $1's, rolls of quarters $10, loose $5's, rolls of dimes $5, rolls of nickles $2, loose $1's, rolls of pennies $0.50 each. 
  2. If it is not exactly $300, count it a second time
  3. If it's $300, proceed to step 2
  4. If it's not $300, notify the Cashier on duty and have that person come back and count it with you. If it's still short, notify the Cashier that they must restore the change fund to $300 by removing the short amount from the register drawer in current use out front. If the Change Fund is over, place the overage in the Manager Fund and note the overage amount on the current shift's SCR.

Step 2 - Confirm the Contents of the Assistant Fund

  1. Open the Assistant Fund and count it's contents following instructions for counting the Change Fund.
  2. If it's not $300, contact the manager or other person in charge for further instructions.
  3. If it's $300, proceed to Step 3

Step 3 - Replenish The Change Fund from the Assistant Fund

  1. Assuming the Assistant Fund is at $300.00, now replenish the Change Fund with packs of 1's, 5's and rolled coin per the amounts listed on the tag inside the door.

Step 4 - Alternate: Replenish the Change Fund and/or Assistant Fund from the Manager Fund

  1. If you have been given the Manager Fund code, you can replenish the Change Fund and/or the Assistant Fund from the Manager Fund using the same instructions in Steps 1-3

* Opening Safe Doors

  1. Change Fund: C, six digit code, #
  2. Assistant Fund: C, six digit code, #
  3. Manager Fund:  C, six digit code, #. wait for 1 minute. C, six digit code, #

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