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Right now we're seeking a few candidates for crew positions. Your friendly, upbeat attitude... plus your serious desire for steady, full-time employment... may help you secure a job at George Webb.

Answers to Your Questions before You Apply

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What is George Webb?

George Webb is an iconic restaurant chain that started in Milwaukee and is well known to people all over our area. We have great, cooked-to-order, diner-style food.

Do You Provide Full or Part Time Jobs?

We provide full-time jobs. Mainly five (5) days per week, occasionally four (4) days, and sometimes (6) days if we're temporarily short staffed.

What Positions Do You Have?

All of our full-time staff are Server/Cooks. That's right, due to the small size of our restaurants and the openness between the dining and cooking areas, we cross-train to provide flexibility and teamwork.

What Shifts Do We Offer?

Being open 24/7, we have three shifts:

  • 1st shift is 6 am-2 pm;
  • 2nd shift is 2 pm-10 pm;
  • 3rd is 10 pm-6 am.

How many People will I work with?

On 1st shift we schedule from 2-4 people depending on the day of week. On 2nd shift, it's 1 or 2 people; and on 3rd we from 1-3 people. Only One Person at Times? We will teach you to handle both order taking and food preparation, and when we're really slow you'll easily handle both.

What Does the Job Consist of?

Generally speaking our focus is to provide friendly, immediate service, and fast and efficient food preparation in a team oriented approach. More specifically, we handle multiple customers simultaneously taking dine-in and carryout orders. We prepare multiple food orders quickly. We clear and reset tables. Between customers we wipe counters and equipment, we do dishes, we refill stock, and we complete various shift duties using a checklist.

Schedule How Does the Schedule Work?

We post the schedule weekly right to your phone. We rotate off-days so that everyone gets a variety of workdays and off-days. We also try to group two off-days together as much as possible.

What Will I Earn?

Estimated starting wages:

Shift Wage w/Tips* Wage Only Tips & Surcharges**
1 $12.00-14.00 $7.00 $6.00-$7.00
2 $12.00-$15.00 $8.00-$9.00 $3.00-7.00
3 $$12.00-16.00 $8.00 $4.00-$8.00

*Tips are not guaranteed and are taken home in cash. Surcharges are service fees on carryouts that pass directly to your paycheck.

**Wages and Tips/Surcharges vary by location and shift

How do Tips Work?

Due to the smallness of the restaurants, and the openness between the serving and cooking areas, and importantly the teamwork approach, the server/cooks pool their tips and share them equally.

Pay DayWhen and How Will I be Paid?

Payday is every other week by direct-deposit.

What Training Do I Get?

We provide excellent one-on-one paid training of five cook training days and four server training days. The training pay is  minimum wage, which presently is $7.25/hr and no tips during training. The reason for the no tips is because a trainee is an extra person. It would not be fair to make the regular staff share their tips. Immediately after your training you'll fully share in the tips like everyone else.

What Expectations Will There be During Training?

That you arrive on time which is 10 minutes before the shift begins. That you work hard to listen and learn the job.You also can't be late or absent during training or we'll let you go. 

Are You Ready to Apply?

Please read and agree to the following statement before submitting your application:

1) I understand that errors or omissions are grounds for discharge if I am hired; 2) I give authorization to investigate all information I provide including past and present employers, schools and criminal records; 3) I consent to any interviews, tests or surveys related to applying; 4) I hereby state to my past employers that pursuant to Wisconsin State Statutes I authorize that information in my personnel file may be supplied to George Webb; 5) I understand that nothing in the application or hiring process is intended to create an employment contract; 6) I understand that if I am hired, either the employer or myself have the right to terminate my employment at any time for any reason.

If you have read the above and agree to its contents, click below to apply.