Position Overview

Your friendly, upbeat attitude... plus your serious desire for steady, full-time employment... may help you secure a job at George Webb.

Answers to Your Questions before You Apply

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What is George Webb?

George Webb started in Milwaukee and is well known to people all over our area. We have tasty, cooked-to-order, diner-style food.

What Positions Do You Have?

The position we are hiring for is “Server/Cook”. We teach you to handle both order taking and food preparation, and at times you'll handle both.

Do You Provide Full or Part Time Jobs?

We provide full-time jobs. Mainly five (5) days per week.You may occasionally have a four day week, and once in a while a six day week, and if so we pay time-and-a-half overtime over 40 hours.

What Shifts Do You Have?

We're open 24/7, so we have three shifts as follows:

  • 1st shift:  6 am-2 pm
  • 2nd shift:  2 pm-10 pm
  • 3rd shift: 10 pm-6 am

The shift you want is up to you.

How many People will I work with?

Given the small size of our restaurants, we only have a few people on duty as follows: On 1st shift from 2-4 people; on 2nd shift, it's 1 or 2 people; and on 3rd shift from 1-3. Only one person at a time? It can happen and then you get to keep all the tips and surcharges (explained below).

What Does the Job Consist of?

Friendly, immediate service to our customers and fast and efficient food preparation! We handle multiple customers simultaneously taking dine-in, and carryout orders. Then we prepare food orders quickly. Then clear and reset tables ready for the next customers. Additionally we wipe counters and equipment, do dishes, refill stock, and complete various shift duties using a checklist.

How Does the Schedule Work?

We prepare schedules weekly and text it to your phone. We rotate off-days so that everyone gets a variety of days off. We also try to group two off-days together as much as possible.

What Training Do I Get?

We provide paid training at $10.00 per hour (no tips or surcharges during training). You will receive 5-6 cook training days and 4 server training days over two weeks. The reason for the no tips/surcharges during training is because a trainee is an extra person that is learning the job. As such it would not be fair to require  regular staff to share that income with a trainee. However, immediately after training you'll fully share in the tips and surcharges. (Note: If you fail to complete the training plus one additional week, the training pay rate will be at the current minimum wage.)

What are the Expectations During Training?

That each day you wear your complete uniform. You arrive 10 minutes before the shift begins. You to listen to your trainer, and work hard to learn the job. You cannot be late or absent during training or we'll let you go without warning.

What Will I Earn?

Compensation is comprised of an hourly wage + cash tips & surcharges. (The surcharges are a 15% service fee applied to carryout orders that flow to your paycheck). So average compensation with the hourly wage + tips & surcharges typcally average a combined $14-$20 per hour depending on the location and shift you choose.