10-Steps of Customer Service

Aldridge, Inc.

We are a full-service restaurant and Service begins right at the front door, so picture the customer arriving and let's go from there...

Step Do Say
1. Greet & Seat:  Shout hello the moment the door opens and direct customer to take any seat. Or if store is busy, point out a table that you have ready. "Hi, sit wherever you like"
"Hi, I'll have a table ready in a moment."
2. Offer Beverage as you grab a napkin and silverware:  Approach quickly and bring these items.
"Anything to drink today, coffee or soda?"
3. Take Order & Repeat It: When the customer appears to be ready, take order, then REPEAT IT TO THE CUSTOMER to avoid mistakes or misunderstandings.
"Let me repeat your order to make sure I have it correct."
4. Place Order & Give Receipt: Place the order on the handheld POS device, a receipt will print, give it to customer immediately.
"Here's your receipt, I'll be right back with silverware."
5. Bring "Server-Only" Items and Additional Silverware: Grab items like soup and other beverages, and any additional silverware.

6. Offer Beverage Refill: While waiting on food preparation, return to check on beverage refill.
"Care for a refill?"
7. Serve Food & Ask If Have Everything
"Here's your order... Do you have everything you need?"
8. Check Back: Within "two minutes or two bites" check back and ask...
"How is everything?"
9. Pre-clear: Monitor tables and as customer finishes their food, clear the dishes before they leave so the place doesn't look like a mess after the rush.
"May I take your plate?"
10. Closing

"Thank you! Good Bye! Come Again!

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