We are a full-service sit down restaurant, and for that reason our customers come with the expectation of receiving full, sit-down service. There are a number of specific steps to full-service. When those steps are given, everything goes great. When steps are missed, the customer will know it. Here are the steps. Service begins right at the front door. So picture the customer arriving and let's go from there...

1. Greet & Seat Shout Hello the moment the door opens.

Direct customers to take any seat; or if store is busy, direct customers to seats that are ready.
"Hi, sit wherever you like"
"Hi, I'll be right there to seat you."
2. Offer Beverage & Bring Napkins and Silverware
Approach quickly offering beverages while bringing napkins and silverware
"Anything to drink today, coffee or soda?"
3. Take Order & Repeat It Back When the customer appears to be ready, take their order, then repeat it to avoid mistakes "Let me repeat your order to you to make sure we have it 100% correct."
4. Place Order & Give Receipt
Place the order on the POS device, print receipt, and give to customer
"Here's your receipt, I'll be right back with silverware."

If on 3rd shift, explain: "We collect right away after 10 PM, I'll be right back."
5. Deliver Additional Silverware & "Server-Only" Items
Bring additional silverware and any "server-only" items like soups and other beverages ordered

6. Offer Beverage Refill Return to the customer to check on refills
"Care for a refill?"
7. Serve Food & Ask If Have Everything
Retrieve the food from the kitchen as soon as it is ready "Here's your order... Do you have everything you need?"
8. Check Back Within "two minutes or two bites" check back "How is everything?"
9. Pre-clear Dishes
Monitor tables and as soon as finished eating, clear dishes into bus pan "May I take your plate?"
10. Thank & Good Bye
Thank you and goodbye to the customer "Thank you! Good Bye! Come Again!