Personal Safety

Essential Safety Rules

Image of Safety First
  1. Report every injury, no matter how slight.
  2. Wear Neoprene safety gloves when cleaning fryers and the griddle to avoid burns.
  3. Wear proper slip resistant shoes.
  4. Get to know the location and use of the fire extinguishers and exhaust hood fire suppression pull ring.
  5. Know the robbery procedures.

In Case of Robbery!

Your personal safety is our number one concern.


  1. Know your surroundings and note changes in the environment
  2. Greet every customer and use direct eye contact
  3. Trust your "gut" feeling and instinct
  4. If you are suspicious of a someone's behavior, alert other employees if possible.
  5. Be aware of people monitoring business activity, nervousness or loitering.


  1. Remain calm
  2. Do exactly what the robber tells you to do
  3. Do not attempt to argue in any way
  4. Do not make sudden moves
  5. Make mental notes of suspect (description from head to toe, scars, odors)


  1. Press the silent holdup button immediately after the robber(s) have left the premises*.
  2. Write down mental notes as soon as possible
  3. Protect evidence that may be have been touched by the suspect (counter tops, demand notes, shoe prints).
  4. Call 911 even though you have pressed the silent holdup button.

*Silent Holdup Button

Each location is equipped with several hidden holdup buttons as follows:

Ask to be shown exactly where the holdup buttons are and how to use them.

Button Procedures:

Avoiding Burns

Image of Neoprene Gloves

Burns and scalds can be caused by any of these: Griddle, fryers, stoves, toaster, hot utensils, boiling liquids, hot pots, steam, hot foods.

Observe the following safety procedures:

  1. Wear Neoprene safety gloves when the cleaning the fryers and the griddle
  2. Assume all pots and metal handles are hot
  3. Allow fryer grease to cool to 160 degrees before filtering or disposing
  4. Do not leave metals spoons in pots while cooking
  5. Do not overstretch to reach an uncomfortable distance

Slips and FallsImage of Wet Floor Sign

Observe the following safety rules to prevent slips and falls:

  1. Wear the proper shoes
  2. Keep floors clean and dry
  3. Use warning signs for wet floors
  4. Point out spills to others and immediately proceed to mop up

Shoes Image of shoes

Shoes with the following attributes must be worn for safety reasons.

Proper Lifting Image of Proper Lifting

  1. Size up the load
  2. Back strait - butt out - head forward
  3. Bend at knees
  4. Lift

Knife Safety

Image of Knife Use

Fryer SafetyImage of Fryer

  • Never spill water into fryer
  • When filtering or changing oil:
    • turn fryer off and allow the oil to cool to 160 degrees before handling the oil
    • wear Neoprene safety gloves
    • do not attempt to lift a full pot of oil, use small ladling pan instead
    • do not stand on a ladder or step-stool for filtering or changing hot fryer oil
    • follow fryer oil filtering and fryer oil changing instructions on the shift duties tablet

Non-Escalation Policy

A positive outcome for any interaction with a disruptive customer is what we want. It is therefore vitally important that you do not "engage verbally" with or react to disruptive customers in a way that might escalate the "situation". Remain calm, do not argue, and never engage physically with anyone.

No Hats, Hoodies or Sunglasses Policy (for customers)

No Hats, No Hoodies, No Sunglasses This purpose of this customer policy is to add another layer of protection. For those customers who fail to notice the sign, politely say "for safety reasons, please remove your hat, hoodie, and/or sunglasses".

Cleaning a Vomit or Fecal Incident

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