Handling the Homeless


Simply put, we don't want the homeless in the restaurant. While our restaurants serve the public, the restaurants are private property and therefore we have the right to determine who will be allowed to enter as long as we don't discriminate based on race or other unlawful reasons.

Unfortunately the cities are not equipping our police enough to deal with homeless individuals that attempt to enter our restaurants. Often times even if the police show up before the homeless person leaves, they will order them out, only to have the homeless person come right back.

So, while we can call the police and should depending on the circumstances, we first need to take action every time the homeless attempt to enter.

Of course, your safety and that of others, is always the first priority.

Order Them Out Every Time

  1. The moment a homeless person opens the door, order them out! Say: "Out! You are not allowed in here."
  2. Remain calm, and remember our "Non-Esculation Policy" to never "engage" in an argument with the homeless, or anyone for that matter. See policy below*
  3. If they enter anyway, threaten to call police. Act like you are going to call by walking to the store phone. Say it again, and if they continue to stay, call non emergency police number.

*Non-Escalation Policy

A positive outcome for any interaction with a disruptive customer is what we want. It is therefore vitally important that you do not "engage verbally" with or react to disruptive customers in a way that might escalate the "situation". Remain calm, do not argue, and never engage physically with anyone.

No Panhandling Sign Customers who Feel Sorry for the Homeless

Simply put, our restaurant is not the place for customers to make themselves feel good by giving money or food to the homeless. We have every right to tell customers who attempt to give money or buy food from us to give to the homeless..." No, not in here."

BarredText the Manager for Pics

If you have a chronic problem with a certain homeless individual, text your manager with the approximately time the person is in the restaurant. We will go on video and obtain pics of the person, and use those to contact the police, as well as post a permanent "Do not enter Posting"


Take action with every homeless person every time they attempt to enter. Do not get complacent about it because it's too much work. If you do, you have more and more homeless coming in. Nip it in the bud everh time an attempt to enter is made. Finally, keep the manager informed via text so he/she can assist.

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