Making DepositsImage of Safe Panel

  1. Enter your personal safe number and PIN.
  2. When the lights on the bill readers turn green, feed with cash.
  3. When done, press the Quit/Save button.

Closing the Shift

Make the final deposit for the shift, then:

  1. Enter your personal code and PIN.
  2. Select #5 (Reporting)
  3. Select #5 (Shift Report)
  4. Select #1 (Current business day)
  5. Select #1 (Print report).
  6. After the receipt prints, press the cut button. The receipt will show all of the money you dropped for the shift.

Armored Car Pickup Procedure


  1. Locate bank bag.
  2. Enter your personal code and PIN
  3. Select #1 (Doors)
  4. Select #1 (Open Door #1).

Armored Car

  1. Place your Dallas key on the controller panel. The door should open.
  2. Remove the cash from both cartridges.
  3. Answer "yes" when the screen asks if this was a courier pick.
  4. Close the door and a receipt will print.
  5. Answer "yes" to the option to print a second receipt.

Both Parties

Two receipts will print, one for the route person, one to attach to the SCR.