The work outlined below is easily doable as long as you work at it between customers during the shift. You can't get everything done if you stand around between customers. So refer to the shift duties list. Most of the work takes just moments to do and makes the place look nice.

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Server Shift Duties Image

Deep Clean Items

Each day, Monday-Friday there is an extra item to clean.

Server Deep Clean Schedule

Red BucketRed Bucket

Wiping towels must be stored at all times in red bucket filled bleach-water located on the customer counter shelf.

Refresh the red bucket with bleach-water dispenser at the beginning of the shift and every two hours or more if necessary.

SoupsSoup Heaters

Pour the chili into a clean pot and wash the dirty pot. Add some hot water to the chili and soup-of-day if either one is too thick. If the soup of the day is been sold, unplug the heater, and remove and wash the pot.

Door Glass Door Glass Image

The first and last thing the customers see are the doors as they come and go. Keep the finger prints away regularly by spraying with glass cleaner and wiping with paper towel.

Dessert FridgeDessert Cooler

Clean and Refill the dessert cooler with desserts and bottled beverages.

Prep Work

Assist cook with prep work. Refer to the Prep Work Intake Report to see what needs to be done.

Meal Breaks

Start the first break right at the beginning of the "window".

Break Windows:

  • 1st Shift: 8-10am
  • 2nd Shift: 3-5pm
  • 3rd Shift: 12 mid-1 am


Early and often throughout shift not leaving it for the end.

Styro Cups and Lids, Crackers, Coffee, etc.

Beverage CounterBeverage Equipment Image

During the last hour or so of the shift clean the following beverage counter items starting on one end.

  1. Coffee Machine
  2. Hot Chocolate/Cappuccino Machine
  3. Soda Machine
  4. Orange Juice Dispenser
  5. Bottled Beverage/Dessert Cooler

Soup Station Soup Station

All during shift as time allows. Sufficient silverware to leave two bins for the next shift.

Wrap Silverware Silverware RollSilverware Bucket

All during shift as time allows. Sufficient silverware to leave two bins for the next shift.

Table SetupsTable Setups

The setups are the condiments at the tables. Clean and fill the setups during the last couple hours of the shift as follows:

  • Do setups in place rather than to gather the items
  • Take a sanitized wiping cloth and the sugar can
  • Visit each setup as follows:
  1. Slide condiments away from menu holder
  2. Wipe counter underneath
  3. Wipe and fill sugar jar
  4. Wipe ketchup & mustard
  5. Wipe salt & pepper
  6. Fill jelly caddy
  7. Wipe menu Put it all back nice

The secret to easy beverage and soup counter clean up at end of shift is to keep it clean all during the shift.

Set the TablesImage of Set Tables

Keep the tables set nice with placemats, silverware bundle and table tent in the middle.

SweepSweeping Image

Pick up paper and litter as you see it. Sweep the floors and spot mop as needed.

Dishes and Dish MachineImage of Dish Table

Finish the dishes at the end of the shift and put them away.

  • Pull the "scrap tray" and empty it
  • Wipe down dishwasher tables and overhead racks
  • Empty the silverware soak tray and refill it

Red & Green Buckets

Keep clean and sanitized terry towels ready for use.

Soapy WaterImage of Soapy Bucket

Empty and refill the green Kleen-Pail with soapy water from the dispenser. 

Bleach WaterImage of Sanitizer Bucket

Empty and refill the red Kleen-Pail with bleach and water from the dispenser.

Hang Wet Towels to DryImage of Linen Bag

At end of shift, hang excess towels to dry and reuse for dirty jobs.

Empty the Garbage

Shortly before end of shift, empty the rubbish containers, tie the bags and place in back or take to the dumpster.