SERVER'S SHIFT DUTIES CHECKLIST W/E________ Store____ Shift_____

The Cashier is responsible. Check-off each item as complete. If it's not checked, it's not complete. If there are multiple servers on duty,  the Cashier is responsible for taking action that everyone is completing the work.

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Item #
Item Time Daily Specifics
Deep Clean Item
First hour or so See "DAILY DEEP CLEANS" sheet
Red Bucket
Empty and refill every two hours and at end of shift
Soup Refresh "
1) Pour chili into a clean pot and wash the dirty pot; 2) add some hot water to the chili and soup-of-day if too thick; 3) iIf soup of day is done, wash pot.
Door Glass
Spray and wipe finger prints from customer doors
Dessert Fridge "
1) Check dates on desserts and discard if more than 7 days; 2) wipe inside and outside of unit; 3) stock with desserts and bottled beverages.
6. Stock
Stock early and through shift
Cups, napkins, etc.
Prep Work
All through shift until complete
Assist cook with prep work.
Meal Breaks
1st: 8-10 AM
2nd: 3-5 PM
3rd: 12-1 AM
Start first break right at the beginning of the "window". Breaks are mandatory. Before breaks the store must be in shape: tables all  set and dishes caught up.
Beverage Machines
After break
1) Coffee Machine: wipe down burners and spray head area; 2) Hot Choc Machine: flush machine and wash drip tray; 3) Soda Machine: remove and wash "heads" and pour 1/2 gallon hot water in drain; 4) OJ Machine: flush machine. wash drip tray. Wipe; 5) wipe beverage counter back to wall.
Soup Station
1) wipe down the soup heaters and the counter; 2) check the chili and chicken soup and get new going as needed; 3) 3rd Shift: Empty the water heaters, scrub them out and add new water
Table Setups
Use sanitized wiping towel: 1) wipe and fill sugar jar; 2) wipe ketchup & mustard; 3) wipe salt & pepper; 4) fill jelly caddies; 5) fill creamers; 6) wipe counter underneath; 7) wipe menus both sides.
Silverware Wrapped
Start early, keep at it
Wrap Silverware - 2 full bins required plus tables set.
Tables Set
Final Details All tables to be properly set with placemats, silverware, table tent in the middle between the two placemats.
Sweep debris from customer and server areas. Spot mop as needed using microfiber mop.
Empty the Garbage
Empty the rubbish containers, tie the bag, put new bag in.
16. Ice Bin
Top it off
17. Dishes and Machine, Buckets, Towels
1) Wash and put away all dishes and silverware; 2) pull the "scrap tray" and empty it, wipe down dish machine top and sides; 3) empty and refill both buckets; 4) hang excess towels in back above linen bag to dry for reuse later.

W/E________ Store____

Each day, Monday-Thursday and Sunday there is an extra item to clean. Cashier to initial below.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Sun


Coffee Cup Bleaching

Gather cups into a bus pan and soak them in bleach water.
Table Tent Holders

Go around and wipe the exterior of the table setups.
Coffee Machine

1) Remove the spray head and wash it; 2) Scrub coffee basket with "greenie"; 3) Scrub inside and outside of coffee pots with "greenie" to remove stains.
OJ Machine

1) Flush system; 2)
Remove spouts and wash; 3) Clean under and around spigot area;
4) Remove and wash drip tray.
Under Counter Refrig

Remove products, wipe inside and outside, return product.


Exchange Sugar Jars

1) Keep a bin of backup sugar jars equal to the number of table setups; 2) pour sugar from jars in use into the backup jars; 3) wash dirty jars and lids and put away in the back up bin.
Bus Cart(s)

Spray and wipe down the legs and shelves.
Hot Chocolate Machine

1) Remove spigots and wash in dishwasher; 2) wipe spigot area; 3) wash drip tray.
Coffee Cup Bleaching

Gather coffee cups into a bus pan and soak them in bleach water.
Soda Nozzles & Ice Bin

Nozzles:  1)
Twist and remove  nozzles. Soak in bleach water bucket; 2) pour 1 gallon hot water down drip tray. Ice Bin:  1) Scoop the ice from the ice bin to the large ice bucket; 2) pour 1 gallon hot water into empty bin; 3) return ice to bin.



Combine Mustards and Wash Caps

Caps get gross.

1) Gather all mustards; 2) remove caps; 3) combine mustards; 4) wash caps and put back on.
De-lime Soup Heaters

1) One at a time, set soup pot aside; 2) take heater to sink, pour out water; 3) pour small amount of "de-limer" from gallon in janitor area; 4) scrub heater inside with "greenie" and rinse with plain water; 5)
clean and shine; 6) add small amount of fresh water and return heater and soup.
Jelly Caddies

1) Gather caddies; 2) remove jellies; 3) wash caddies in dish machine, dry and return to setups; 4) fill with jellies.
Menu Holders

1) Push condiments aside; 2) wipe inside and outside of menu holders; 3) lay menu flat and wipe both sides.
Menu Holders

1) Push condiments aside; 2) wipe inside and outside of menu holders; 3) lay menu flat and wipe both sides.

Red BucketRed Bucket

Keep wiping towels stored in the red bucket at all times. Don't leave towels lying around in view of customers.

Refresh the red bucket with bleach-water from the dispenser at the beginning of the shift and every two hours, more if necessary.

Soup RefreshSoup Heaters

At the beginning of the shift, pour the chili into a clean pot and wash the dirty pot.

Add some hot water to the chili and to the soup-of-day if either one is too thick.

If the soup of the day has been sold, unplug the heater, and remove and wash the pot.

Door Glass Door Glass Image

The first thing the customers see are the glass doors.

Keep the finger prints removed by regularly spraying with glass cleaner and paper towel.

Dessert FridgeDessert Cooler

Check the dates on the desserts. Discard any that are seven (7) or more days old.

List those discarded on the waste report.

Add new plated desserts from the back freezer, add a date sticker as well to each piece.

Stock bottled beverages as needed.

Wipe out the inside of the cooler and the door glass both sides.


If you stock early and often throughout the shift, final stocking will be a breeze.

This includes, styro cups and lids, crackers, coffee, coffee filters, napkins, cookies, single use plastic utensils.

Prepwork Image of Prepwork Instructions

"Prepwork" is the portion controlling of various food items. It's for convenience to the cook and for controlling food cost.

There are numerous food items that need to be "prepped", examples are:

Prepwork Intake Report

Refer to the "Prepwork Intake Report" to see what needs to be done on your shift.

Meal BreaksExtra Time Worked Report

The 30-minute meal break is mandatory unless the store is so busy you have no time for it.

If you can't take the break, or the entire break, fill out an extra time worked report explaining the reason.

It's important to start the first break right at the beginning of the "window" in order to get the breaks out of the way.

Break Windows:

Beverage Machines Beverage Equipment Image

Wipe down the following beverage counter items starting on one end and working to the other:

  1. Coffee Machine
  2. Hot Chocolate/Cappuccino Machine
  3. Soda Machine
  4. Orange Juice Dispenser

Soup Station Soup Station

If the soup of the day is gone, unplug the heater, empty the water, and scrub out the inside of the heater at the sink.

Wipe down the outside of each heater.

Wipe down the stainless steel counter.

Table SetupsTable Setups

The setups are the condiments at the tables.

Clean and fill the setups during the shift as follows:

  1. Wipe and fill sugar jar
  2. Slide condiments away from menu holder and wipe the counter underneath
  3. Wipe the ketchup & mustard
  4. Wipe the salt & pepper shakers
  5. Fill the jelly caddies
  6. Fill the creamer bowl
  7. Wipe the menu.

Wrap Silverware Silverware RollSilverware Bucket

Keep at it periodically during shift such that by end of shift you leave two bins for the next shift, plus all tables set.

Set the TablesImage of Set Tables

Always return the tables to a set up status.

Placemats, silverware bundle, table tent in the middle.

SweepSweeping Image

Pick up paper and litter as you see it. Sweep the floors and spot mop as needed.

Empty the Garbage

Shortly before end of shift, empty the rubbish container(s), tie the bags and place in back or take to the dumpster.

Ice Bin Image of Ice Bucket

Top off the ice bin at the soda machine.

Dishes and Dish MachineImage of Checklist

Finish the dishes at the end of the shift and put them away.

Red & Green Buckets

Keep clean and sanitized terry towels ready for use.

Soapy WaterImage of Soapy Bucket

Empty and refill the green Kleen-Pail with soapy water from the dispenser. 

Bleach WaterImage of Sanitizer Bucket

Empty and refill the red Kleen-Pail with bleach and water from the dispenser.

Hang Wet Towels to DryImage of Linen Bag

At end of shift, hang excess towels to dry and reuse for dirty jobs.

At end of shift, hang excess towels to dry and reuse for dirty jobs.