*** W A R N I N G ***

Any deviation from the following will be cause for discharge without further warning.

  1. EVERY ORDER THROUGH THE "POS" SYSTEM:   No order shall be served or prepared without being entered into the POS system (rung) immediately after taking the order, and before any food is prepared.
  2. EMPLOYEE MEALS:  a) #1 above applies to employee meals as well; b) there is no free food; c) don't eat mistakes; d) ring your meal before you make the food and go on break; e) only time you should be eating is on your break; f) don't take home left overs.
  3. WAITRPAD SHEET FOR EVERY DINE-IN ORDER:  Every dine-in order must first be written on a waitrpad sheet, then ring.
  4. PROVIDE PRINTED POS RECEIPT IMMEDIATELY:  Right away after entering the order, staple one receipt to the waitrpad ticket and deliver the other receipt to the customer. We do this so the customer has it and can look it over.
  5. SERVER-ONLY ADD-ONS ARE "RING IT - THEN BRING IT":   Soups or desserts added, must be rung up before serving the item.
    • Dine-In: Collect while the customer is present. If customers are leaving before you collect, you're being slow about it. If customer gets their payment out at the table, go ahead and collect right away saying "I can take that for you" instead of expecting everyone to go to the checkout station. This saves time!
    • Carryouts: Collect immediately at time of order.
    • Call-Ins Important Instructions!: Call-ins over $20 must be pre-authorized with a credit card while on the phone. Here's how: (1) Explain the policy and key-in the card number, expiration date, and security code; (2) on the POS system do not press Pay , just press Done ; (3) tell the customer to bring the card or cash to finalize payment or they won't get the food; (4) upon arrival, recall the order and press Settle then press the RED Void credit card button; (5) final process the payment by inserting a chip card or accepting cash. If you fail to void the key-in payment and chip the card for final payment, and there's a charge back, it's on you, you will have to pay it back.
    • 3rd Shift - Collect In Advance - All Dine In Orders: From 10 pm-6 am collect immediately as follows: (1) Take the order on the waitrpad and politely say "It's pre-pay from 10-6, I'll be right back to collect"; (2) place the order and return to the customer with the receipt; (3) politely say: "May I collect please, the policy applies to everyone?" and point to the sign. If customer objects, inform the kitchen to not prepare the order; (4) upon payment, staple the settled receipt to the waitrpad.
  7. CREDIT CARD ACCEPTANCE POLICY:  a) Chip cards must be chipped, not swiped, even if the chip malfunctions do not swipe, ask for a different card or cash; b) swipe-only cards you can swipe; c) do not key-in cards, again even if the chip malfunctions. If you mishandle this and a merchant charge-back occurs, it's on you, you will have to pay it back. Exception is key-ins is for call-ins over $20 as described in 5c above.
  8. NO MONEY IN POCKETS:  No money in pockets whatsoever. Examples are pants, aprons, etc. A wallet in back pants pocket is OK.
  9. TIP POOL:  a) Each tip shall be put directly into the tip bucket immediately; b) no one should futz around with the tips in the bucket, except if you need to exchange bills, announce to coworkers and explain what you are doing; c) if your coworkers ask you to stay out of the tip bucket other than to add tips, then do as they ask. Trust is everything when it comes to tips.
  10. TIP LINE ON CREDIT CARD RECEIPT:  Only a customer should write a tip on a credit card receipt. If you write in a tip, or alter a tip, it's credit card fraud. You'll be reported to the authorities.
  11. NO SALES:  a) Drawer openings via No Sale must be accurately explained, example: "Change Fund" or "Drop"; b) if customer asks for change for a tip, write "Change for Tip"... or smarter, if presented with a large bill, break it down so customer doesn't ask for more change.
  12. VOIDS:  Voids after the Done key is pressed must be explained. a) Get a PINK VOID SLIP right away and attach it to the Waitrpad w/receipt; b) print a final receipt that shows the void and attach it as well; c) write the explanation; d) obtain a co-worker's signature.
  13. REFUNDS:  We fix problems or remake food, we do not give refunds. An exception is for unruly behavior in which case a PINK VOID SLIP must be prepared.
  14. SMART SAFE DROPS:  If you're the Cashier keep the drawer close to $70.00 without over-dropping. Besides at end of shift, make drops at least every two hours during shift, or more if necessary. 1st shift: 8 am, 10 am, noon; 2nd shift: 4 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm; 3rd shift: midnight, 2 am, 4 am.