"The Security Document"

Mandatory Order Taking and Money Handling Procedures

*** W A R N I N G ***
Any deviation from the following will be cause for discharge without further warning.

  1. EVERY ORDER MUST GO THROUGH THE "POS" SYSTEM:   No order shall be served or prepared without being entered into the POS system first and before any food is prepared.


  3. ISSUE POS RECEIPT IMMEDIATELY:  Immediately after pressing "Done", staple the receipt to the waitrpad and deliver both to the customer.

  4. SERVER-ONLY ADD-ONS ARE "RING IT - THEN BRING IT":  Before serving beverages, soups or desserts that are added on by the customer, recall the table and add the item, then serve it.


    • Dine-In: If customer gets payment out at the table, go ahead and collect right away saying "I can take that for you" instead of expecting everyone to go to the checkout station.

    • Carryouts: Collect immediately at time of order.

    • Call-Ins: Call-in orders up to $30 may be taken on the phone. If the call-in is going to be over $30, direct the customer to place their order at gwtogo.com (if available at your store) or come in to place their order.

    • 3rd Shift - Collect In Advance - All Dine In Orders: From 10 pm-6 am collect as follows: (1) Take the order on the waitrpad and politely say "It's pre-pay from 10-6, I"ll be right back to collect"; (2) place the order and return to the customer with the waitrpad/receipt; (3) politely say: "May I collect please, the policy applies to everyone" and point to the sign. If customer objects, inform the kitchen to not prepare the order.

  6. CREDIT CARDS:  a) Chip cards must be inserted, not swiped, even if the chip malfunctions do not swipe, ask for a different card or for cash; b) cards with no chip can be swiped; c) never key-in a card even if the chip malfunctions. If you mishandle this and a merchant "charge-back" occurs, you"ll have to pay it back.

  7. TIP LINE ON CREDIT CARD RECEIPT:  Only a customer should write a tip on a credit card receipt. If you write in a tip, or alter a tip, it's credit card fraud. The authorities may be called.

  8. NO MONEY IN POCKETS:  No money in pockets whatsoever, including pants pockets and aprons. A wallet in pocket is OK.

  9. TIPS:  a) Each tip shall be put directly into the tip container immediately; b) no one is to play around with the tips during the shift; c) if you need to make change, announce to coworkers and explain what you are doing; d) if your coworkers ask you to stay out of the tip container other than to add tips, then do as they ask; e) tips get split when anyone comes on or goes off duty and at the end of the shift or other times that everyone agrees to; f) never start counting tips before the shift ends, wait until everyone can do it together.

  10. EMPLOYEE MEALS:  a) there is no free food; b) don't eat mistakes; c) place the order on the POS before you make the food; d) only eat on your meal-break; e) don't take home leftovers or free beverages.

  11. NO SALES:  No sales are monitored closely. a) each must be accurately explained, example: "Change", "Change Fund" or "Drop"; b) if customers frequently ask for change in order to give a tip, think ahead and break down larger bills so the customer doesn't need to ask for more change.

  12. VOIDS:  Voids, after the [Done] key is pressed, must be explained. a) Get a PINK VOID SLIP right away and staple it to the Waitrpad w/receipt; b) write the explanation including if the food was made or not; c) obtain a co-worker's signature.

  13. REFUNDS: We fix problems or remake food, we do not give refunds. An exception is for unruly behavior in which case a PINK SLIP must be prepared.