President's Message

Image of President's Message

Hello, I am Tom Aldridge, the president of Aldridge, Inc. My experience with George Webb started 35+ years ago when I began as a dishwasher, then a server and cook, a manager, and eventually an owner. I learned a lot along the way. I would like you to do your work in the way that I prescribe in our training. Why? Because I have learned the fastest most efficient ways to do the job of being a server and cook at George Webb. So please follow me through our training and learn my way of doing things. If you do, I guarantee you will succeed.

Our Purpose

Image of Branded Customer ServiceOur purpose is to serve the customers in the fastest, most friendly and accurate way possible. Lots of restaurants have good food and good service. In today's world, if we are to compete, we have to focus on our customers at all times. So, is your focus on you? Then forget this job, because your focus needs to be that of the customer at all times.

Our MissionImage of Our Mission

"Our mission is to serve our customers in the fastest, most friendly way we can."


Image of MultitaskingIt's a busy world and everyone expects instant service! So follow me through a hypothetical few minutes working at a George Webb.

  • You're out front cleaning and wiping
  • A customer walks in. You say "hello the moment the door opens and say please sit wherever you like.
  • You ask, "are you having coffee?" You get the coffee and serve it.
  • A group of two more customers arrives. You say "hello, I have a seat right here and are you having coffee?". They say Pepsi. You say, "okay, I'll be right there".
  • You take the first customer's order. You enter it in the POS system. You return with the soup he ordered. You make your way towards the second group and deliver their Pepsi.
  • On the way to serving the Pepsi, another group comes in. You say "hello, please sit where ever you like, are you having coffee? You say "Yes, okay, I'll be right with you".
  • You return to the second group and take their order. You enter it into the POS system.
  • You see the food is ready for the first customer. You serve the order and ask if he needs anything else.
  • You approach the third group. You say thanks for waiting, are you ready to order?

... and so it continues all day. And in between, you clean and stock. Can you do it?