We can't have the next shift left with a mess.

For one, it's just not right, and two, it can cause a breakdown in customer service as the next shift struggles and stresses to catch up on work you didn't do. So work all during shift towards leaving the place in the following condition. Then, if your shift was busy right to the end, stay and get the work done before you leave! Finally, Server and Cook should work together - it's not all "yours and mine" - it's "ours", to make sure everything is done back and front of house and then clock out and leave together.

So here's what a stocked and cleaned store looks like.


 Bus pans are empty, dishes washed and put away, dish tables wiped down, red and green buckets refilled, silverware soak tray emptied/refilled.


Soups - Soup of Day - if it's sold out, wash the pot, wipe down the heater and unplug it; Chili - pour into a new pot and scrub the old one; Chicken soup - if low or the noodles are broken, make a new batch - wipe down heaters and counter

Silverware - Two bins wrapped

Table Setups - Wiped and filled

Menus wiped

Hot Choc and OJ machines - trays emptied, machines cleaned/wiped down

Soda machine: remove and clean heads, machine clean/wiped down

Coffee machine - wiped down

Beverage Counter - wiped down

Supplies stocked - napkins, cups, placemats, straws, crackers

Red Sanitizer bucket - emptied and refilled

Counter shelves - wiped

Customer doors - sprayed/wiped

Floor swept - dining and serving areas


Prep done - refer to prepwork intake report and all done by Wednesday

Refrigerator - wiped out including ledges and doors, dressings topped, everything stocked 1 + 1 for backup, lettuce bucket washed new lettuce under old, tomato tray stocked, Wheatcake bowls  double batches left for 1st shift, single batches left for other shifts, Fr Tst batter if container gross pour into clean one.

Freezer - stocked

Omelet Cooler - stock omelet PC's putting new under old

Egg cooler - (if have) stocked

Microwave - wiped out

Prep table - wiped down

Egg stove(s) - washed, egg stove tray emptied, bottom of egg pans scrubbed

Griddle - Tray emptied into large kettle in back, griddle cleaned

Onions & Pickles - onions rinsed, pickles into clean can

Fryers - Skimmed (all shifts); filtered or changed (2nd shift)

Soup Stove - wiped down and table it sits on

Chili - out front at half or less, have new batch working or ready, chili meat thawing in back refrigerator

Floor swept - kitchen