• Tables Set
  • Table setups cleaned and filled:
    • Sugars topped off
    • Salt & Peppers wiped
    • Ketchup & Mustards wiped
    • Creamers filled
    • Jellies filled
    • Menus wiped
  • Silverware wrapped (2 bins + tables)
  • Ice Bin Filled
  • Soup station cleaned
  • Beverage machines cleaned
  • Dessert Fridge stocked
  • Final Stocking:
    • Cups, lids, straws, bags


  • Hot Side Clean
  • Cold Side Clean
  • Chili Meat Thawing
  • Steaks Thawing
  • Final Stocking:
    • Lettuce bucket
    • Tomato tray
    • Dressings topped
    • Wheatcake batter (double batches left for 1st shift, single batches left for other shifts)
    • French Toast batter
    • Butter pans filled
    • Freezer stocked
    • Omelet Cooler PC's
    • Onions & Pickles

Server and Cook
Dishes washed/put away, Silverware washed/put away, Red/Green Buckets changed,
Floors swept, Garbage emptied, Towels hung to dry

Hand Off Image When to go Home? When the above work is done, which should be by the end of the shift. Or, if the store was extra busy or you failed to pace yourself, you must stay and complete it. The next shift doesn't have time to do your work and their's too.