Image of Dirty DishesWho Does Dishes?

Checkmark  Servers Do Dishes

Checkmark  Cooks Do Dishes

Who Supposed To Do More Dishes, the Cook or Server?

Checkmark  Roughly equal.

What's most important after the rush.... clearing/resetting tables or doing dishes?

It depends on who you are.

Checkmark  Table resets are the priority for servers. We have to get the place looking nice right away.

Checkmark  During that time, the cook should turn around and do dishes.

Checkmark  Then both can work on dishes after the tables are reset and move onto other things.

Pre-Clear Tables

Servers pre-clear the main plate as customers finish their meals.

Image of BusserTable Resets

Final Clear Into Buspan

As customers get up and leave their table, it's time to final-clear, wipe and reset the table.

Image of Red BucketImage of Bus PanDo not stack dishes and walk them to  the sink -- IT'S A WASTE OF TIME!


Bring the bus pan to the bus pan cart, or to the dirty side of the dish machine.

Sorting Dishes

  1. Image of Dish MachineBring the bus pan to dish sink
  2. Discard the food waste into the garbage disposer, not into the rubbish*
  3. Discard paper into the rubbish
  4. Spray and scrub dishes as needed with the overhead sprayer w/brush
  5. Place the dishes into the dish racks
  6. Sort the glasses and cups into the overhead cup racks
  7. Sort the silverware into the silverware soak tray
  8. Rinse the bus pan and return it to the cart.

*Food DisposerImage of Disposer

Silverware -- Sort and Soak, then Wash ItImage of Silverware Basket

The silver needs to soak so it comes clean in the dish machine. To wash it, locate the silverware sorter, place the silverware in it, run it

Run Full Racks

Put The Dishes Away

The dishes, glasses, and silverware need to be put away at the cook line and out front at the beverage counter.

Image of Silverware Soak TrayRefill Supplies

The silverware soak tray and the towel buckets.

End of Shift Cleanup