Employee Handbook

Vacation Policy

Full time employees (those who work on average at least 30 hours per week), after one year of employment, become eligible for a one week vacation with pay. After three years, the vacation is increased to two weeks. Each year, prior to your employment anniversary, you will be notified as to your vacation eligibility and the amount of your vacation pay. You'll then have a year in which to take your vacation.

The Company reserves the right to approve the scheduling of vacation. Request your vacation in writing not less than (30) days in advance using a form that is posted.

Vacation pay works as follows:  Each week of vacation pay is the average of your prior 52 weeks base hourly earnings. In order to receive the vacation pay, you must be employed at the time of receiving it. The vacation time and pay does not accrue. The pay becomes payable after you return to work from vacation. If you fail to return to work, or upon separation of employment, regardless of reason, the vacation pay is forfeited. Vacation pay cannot be taken instead of vacation time. Vacation time and the pay does not carry over from one anniversary year to another.

Early or extra vacation time may be granted on an unpaid basis subject to scheduling needs. The number of days taken, will be added to your employment start date for purposes of future vacation and raise eligibility.

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