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First of all if you ever have any concerns or questions regarding your pay that this page doesn't help you with, please contact the corporate office at (414) 271-5050 Ext 101, or submit a Service Request by clicking here.

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Each week is a unique and separate pay period that begins Monday and ends on Sunday.

Payday is every other Monday and is for two weeks of work.

On Monday holidays payday is shifted to Tuesday.

We pay by direct deposit to your checking account or to our Rapid!Card pay card. Sorry but those are the only choices. If you already have a pay card, you won't be able to use it, we will issue a new Rapid!Card to you.

Direct Deposit Form Click here

Rapid!Card FAQ Click here

Gross Earnings Statement

The manager can print a Gross Earnings Statement any time you like, just ask. Alternatively, the office can email one to you. Call the office or submit a Service Request by clicking here.

Online Paycheck Information

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Your paycheck data is available by clicking here and choose "Login to Paystubs". There, you will register your account for first time use. Your username consists of your first and last name, no space, for example, johnsmith. (Usernames are not case sensitive). Your initial Password is the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. Upon first log in, you will be required to set a new password.

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After you have registered per the instructions above, visit the app store and install "Total HRWorks" where you can access your paycheck information. You'll need your username, the new password you set above, and our payroll "short name" which is 7417.

Locked Out?

A common reason for getting locked out is your phone number has changed and therefore it doesn't match the phone number for the virtual code that you originally set up. In this case, you will be permanently locked out until you call the corporate office to unlock you and clear your virtual code. Call (414) 271-5050 Ext. 101 or simply submit a service request by clicking here.

Important Pay Rate Information and Definitions

Tip Pool

With the exception of your contribution to the tip pool (which is limited to employees who customarily and regularly receive tips), employees retain all of their tip earnings. Our restaurant has a mandatory tip pool. Tipped employees are expected to contribute 100% of their tips to the restaurant's tip pool.

Tip Credit

If or when you pay rate is below "minimum wage" a tip credit is used to satisfy the minimum wage requirement. When this occurs:

Regular Rate

As described above for tipped employees whose cash wage is less than minimum wage, management claims a tip credit equal to the difference between minimum wage and your cash wage. Your cash wage plus tip credit claimed, is defined as the "regular rate".

Overtime Rate

If you work more than 40 hours in one week, you will receive 1.5 times your regular rate for the hours worked over 40. The "regular rate" as defined above will be used to determine the "overtime rate". Your overtime rate is 1.5 X your regular rate.

Blended Rate

The Fair Labor Standards Act requires that when work is performed at two or more regular pay rates and there is overtime work performed in a given week, the overtime must be calculated by blending the regular pay rates into one average regular pay rate, and use that rate for the overtime rate.

This is accomplished as follows per this example:

30 hours at $7.00 per hour =$210.00
20 hours at $8.00 per hour=$160.00
Total = $370.00 divided by 50 total hours = $7.40 average rate per hour.

In this example $7.40 is the calculated "regular rate" for all hours worked and is used for calculating the "overtime rate".

Department of Labor Fact Sheet #23 Dept of Labor Fact Sheet #23

If you like, you can read the complete fact sheet by clicking here.

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