Vacation eligibility of one week is granted after each full year of employment. After three years, vacation eligibility is two weeks. Each year, prior to the employment anniversary, you will be notified as to vacation eligibility. You then have a year, from then until your next anniversary, to schedule and take the vacation. Vacation time is not accumulative, meaning it will expire at the time of the next employment anniversary. Vacation time does not accrue, meaning it will be forfeited if employment ends for any reason.


The Company reserves the right to approve the scheduling of vacations. Vacations must be requested in writing not less than (30) days in writing using the form posted in the employee area of the restaurant. A new form is posted each month. Vacations shall be taken in full weeks only. Vacations will be taken one week at a time. Vacations may run mid-week to mid-week if desired. The are black-out dates as follows: Vacations will not be scheduled over Christmas Eve or Day or New Years Eve or Day; and others as deemed necessary which will be communicated if needed.                                                                       

Vacation Pay

Full time employees receive their eligible vacation time with pay. The pay is equal to an average of the base wages from the prior year. The amount you'll receive for vacation pay will be indicated on the annual vacation notice. Vacation pay is not cumulative, meaning it may not be carried over from year to year. Vacation pay does not accrue, meaning it will be forfeited if employment ends for any reason. Vacation pay gets applied to the next pay period after return to work.

Early Vacation or Extra Vacation Time

Early vacation or extra vacation time if granted will be on an unpaid basis. The number of early or extra days taken will be added to your employment start date for purposes of annual vacation eligibility.