Attendance Policy

If You're Running Late

We need to know what's going on! So text the manager and your coworkers, and call the store immediately!

If You're Going to be Absent

1. Think about who is off and try to find a replacement. If you can't find one...

2. Call or text the manager by the "Call-by-Time", which is:

  • 1st shift:  by 10 pm the night before;
  • 2nd shift: by 10 am the day of;
  • 3rd shift:  by 6 pm the day of.

3. If you miss the "Call-by-Time", notify the manager immediately, as we need time to find a replacement and you're not giving us enough time!

Attendance Record Keeping and Discipline

Point Schedule

We have a "no fault" attendance policy which means that doctors excuses or other "proof" will be noted but we count each occurrence regardless of circumstance.

  • Late: 1-15 minutes: (1/4 point); 16-30 minutes (1/2 point); 31-45 minutes (3/4 point); 46+ minutes (1 point).
  • Absence reported by the Call-by-Time:  2 points
  • Absence reported after the Call-by-Time:  3 points
  • Absence reported during the Last Hour:  4 points
  • Communication Failure - didn't reply to a text or call on a timely basis:  4 points at manager's discretion
  • Refusal to Work (on an off-day):  4 points (at manager's discretion)
  • Home early - same point levels as for being late.

Warnings and Discharge

Per the schedule above, we issue warnings after having accumulated 3 points, 6 points, 9 points, and a final warning at 12 points. However, note, if you claim that your absence is due to a medical or other emergency for yourself or other that will preclude you from working, then provide evidence of such need or risk discipline up to and including discharge without the issuance of earlier warnings per the point schedule.

Get Points Back

For each month of no occurrences, two points is expunged from your record (until you reach zero points).

No Show

A no show for work without proof positive of a circumstance that made it impossible to work and impossible to call to report the absence by the time the shift begins, will be cause for discharge without any previous warning. Your say so is not enough. If you have proof, provide it in a timely manger for consideration by management.